14 August, 2008


Why Don’t You Check your Facts First? I keep getting asked this. At first I was annoyed by the question. The answer should have been obvious. Now, I just ignore any comments to this effect that I receive. But, in fairness, and for the record, perhaps I should explain myself. If only so that, when you see me publishing something you know is not true, you will just smile and shrug your shoulders at yet another error, and at most send me a correction for publishing in the comments section.

This is a blog, for Heaven’s sake. A blog is a diary of personal thoughts and opinions. A blog is not a newspaper. I am not a journalist. I do not have research assistants. I do not investigate the facts. Any one who wants news and facts will not get them here. They should listen to 97.7 FM at 6:30 am and 95.5 FM at 7:00 am to get the local news. Or, they can read The Anguillian or The Light. These media publish news. This blog does not publish news.

I have my concerns. They revolve around the Anguilla public service and the personal and professional conduct of the individuals who serve Anguilla in a public capacity. I have strong views about how they are supposed to behave. What is needed in Anguilla is for more people to express their views and concerns about behaviour in public life. Through such discussion, we may come to some understanding, if not a consensus, on which standards are not acceptable, and which are. If anyone does not like it, too bad. We used to play a game as children. It was called, “Who vex, lose”. You know the rules.

Like all of us, I read and I listen. I have my own thoughts on what I read and on what I hear. It helps me to understand and contextualize things that I have heard and read if I put my thoughts and reactions down in writing. Once I hear or read a story within my area of interest, I start thinking about how it impacts Anguilla. I write to think. I seldom have the time or resources to properly investigate whether the story I have heard or read is all or partly true. This blog is not a record of facts and truths. It is nothing more than me thinking out aloud about the issues that concern me that have come to my attention.

I depend on those who email me or telephone me with stories to get their facts right. If they do not, and I should happen to republish facts that are not true, I depend on my readers to correct the errors. That is never something that causes me any hurt or concern. I am happy to publish corrections and alternative views. I am upset whenever I learn that I have got some facts wrong. I hasten to post a correction when that happens. But, I am not going to hold up my thought processes until I am sure I have got all the facts right.

This blog consists of my personal musings. They are not necessarily meant to elicit a comment from anyone. If I should be so honoured as to have someone read what I have written, and then for that person to be sufficiently concerned as to want to publish a comment on what I have written, I am doubly honoured. Whether the comment is supportive, or the contrary.

But, do not expect to read carefully researched facts or academic analysis on this blog. That is not what this blog is about.


  1. There's a rule of thumb in science.

    If you say something and they nod sagely, you haven't really said anything new.

    If you say something and they start looking at the floor and wishing they were elsewhere, you're probably wrong.

    If you say something and they jump to their feet and yell at you, you're probably right.

    Have you noticed that a whole bunch of the right people have been yelling at you an awful lot lately?


  2. Mitch, the "voice of reason" after some time is expected to be 100% informed, otherwise there would be nothing with which to attack your musings. You state what others are afraid to even mention in passing. This is just a blog after all, a place to vent, joke around and ponder. We don't expect uncensored news from the "official media", at least you're honest about it.
    Thanks for being the VOR! - Scotty

  3. Au contraire. When your name is preceded or followed by titles which indicate or are perceived as indices of knowledge or the ability to think logically, there also comes a responsibily to act with a measure of wisdom and forethought. Particularly when references are made to these titles and the experience travelled in titular paths.

    Rather you blog under a pseudonym, for Don Mitchell would be word associated with the legal profession and be held to a 'learned' standard by perception, far be it, for one to sully that perception.

    Caribbean Man

  4. Do not bother with what Caribbean Man writes Mr Mitchell. You keep on doing what you are doing. There is nothing you can do to stop all the perceptions and mis perceptions that people have. Nothing you can do will stop some of them from misunderstanding and attacking. All you can do is be true to yourself. Everything else is hypocrisy and pretentiousness. That is how to get ulcers and a heart attack. Keep a clear conscience.

  5. Dear Mr. Mitchell,

    If you think about it , you will realize that Caribbean Man is correct.

    The last posts on your website from another blogg are in poor taste, most of the contents are untrue and it is rotten journalism.

    What is the difference betweeen incorrect facts and a lie? In my opinion there is no difference. We expect better of a blog published by Don Mitchell Q.C.

  6. Enough the credentialistic mandarinism already.

    To wax nonsequiturially platitudinous, facts are facts. Reputations are facts of history. History, as Henry Ford opined in one of his more lucid moments, is bunk, at least as far as progress is concerned, anyway.

    "You are what you is", once said the Profit Frank (Zappa, that is). Or, to quote a famous movie mogul, you're only as good as your last movie. Or your next movie, even.

    Point is, Don's currently in show-biz, for lack of a better definition of blogging. When he stops making sense here, his audience will go away, no matter how many initials he has after his name, or what his resume says he used to do.

    As for the truth of his facts, reporters covering fast breaking news always get the facts wrong. If you think the immediacy of 24 hour news is prone to error, you haven't been in the blogosphere very long. Reality dials down on the truth over time, especially in blogs. We now know, as of several *days* after the fact, that the Minister was probably defending himself on his own property. Fine. Sounds to me like he had a natural right to do so, even. With violent force if necessary.

    Point is, Don is not at fault for reporting information as he heard it, and having opinions about that information. And standing up for someone who was being shouted down, with viruses, no less, for having her own opinions about the information available at the time.

  7. For posterity sake, what is true? What we often see is a report from the eye of the beholder. This is often clouded by one's political beliefs, interest, moral, value and culture.

    For example, what history writes about the discovery of the New World is from the perspective of the European. Wouldn't it have been nice to hear it from the Indians that were literally wiped out?

    The counter comments to your blog Mitch, is often clouded with self and even political interest.

    In the words of Votaire when asked what is truth, he responded by saying "Truth is lies agreed upon by men".

  8. >...what is true?

    Oh. That's right. There are no facts. Science and history are lies. There is only opinion, and the only opinion that "history" records is that of The Oppressor.

    Who said that relativism is dead?


  9. Dear sir ,

    No doubt that this your own thought blog , but when any person get any information throgh google search or any other way , this blog will become online journal .
    So do not worry about this point .
    But publishing of your own thought is more important than publishing any other online news paper .
    Actually I want some matter relating to corruption so that I can write good thoughts to vanish corruption from society. So I have come here If you have so data relating to ending of corruption then please send me on my email id

  10. You are correct in that a "blog" is just thoughts of the writers (and readers.) doI see that a blog is exactly as you have said. Thoughts. That is what you have been doing all along, putting your thoughts on line. By doing just that, you have also started to allow other people to voice their thoughts and opinions. Anguilla, can only be thankful for your role in getting others to see the truth. Anguilla, will hopefully, reajust their thinking as to what is important. With your help, Anguilla will get back on track. The internet does have great infuence.

    Your web site, as always, has been very interesting. Anguilla has really come to life via the computer. I do believe that all Caribbean islands are affectd by the writings on the internet. The internet can be a good tool to let people know what is going on.

    Much of my time in the last months has been relegated to Anguilla and Viceroy issues. As far as Viceroy is concerned I just hope it will be a good partner for Anguilla in the long run. At this point all Viceroy can do is scale down if need be. Also, must by now realize that BIG will not help Anguilla. Why ruin a beautiful island with an overload of cement buildings that may sit empty?. The youth of Anguilla are the most important asset for the future. Without honesty and integrity imprinted into the minds of ALL youth everywhere lives are bound to end up in havoc.

    I assume that at this time Anguilla students are on summer break. Will you continue your teaching when school resumes?

    When exactly will Anguilla have a new Constitution to put forth? I am assuming, that there is no time limit to accomplish this big of a task. It will be very important to get it right


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