10 August, 2008

Carnival Riot

Stabbed to Death. I am too old for Carnival. So, I missed “Last Lap”. That was yesterday, Saturday. Seems like a good thing I did, too. One young man was stabbed to death. Orlando Johnson, a 21-year old Jamaican national and Anguillian gang member, died this morning from injuries received in an exchange of stabs.

Penny Legg has the most perceptive observations on the incident. You can read what she says for yourself at her blog. It is astonishing to read that we had to bring police officers over from St Martin to help quell the riot.

She wrote those words before we learned that the young man has since died.

His mother is said to have received stab wounds while putting him in a car to take him to the hospital. There is no word on her condition at this time. God knows how many others received injuries in the riot.

As one Anguillian said, things will not improve until we give the children what they need: love, attention, and encouragement. Our failure as a society over the past twenty years to bring up our children with values and standards is a national tragedy that is only now beginning to bear its evil fruit.

When the news of this killing hits the tourist circulars, what is the betting that tourism this coming season will take an even bigger hit than we were expecting? What a mess we are in.


  1. News of the stabbing was posted on the Trip Advisor forum but quickly removed. I suppose to keep it from the tourists.

  2. Ouch! When will something be done about this? I live on a barrier island in Florida that's slightly larger than Anguilla, with 4 times the population. We have murders and other criminal activity, but none so brazen. Anguilla is not big enough, or "grown up" enough, to have gang activity. If the gov't cared, this activity could be easily squelched, yet they seem to care less. Anguilla is becoming the Compton of the Caribbean. With nothing to offer but beautiful beach tourism, I would think the problem would be eradicated quickly. After all, everyone knows everybody. I will be visiting during hurricane shutdown; do I need to watch my back? Mitch, I still owe you lunch, never get a moment to myself when visiting. - Scotty

  3. I know the situation in Anguilla is awful at current but things will neva cease if information is not correct, especially when posting stuff on the internet. Nothing that was posted is tru. First of all he is younger than 21 atleast get the age right. Secondly I'm quite sure he was not part of the gang either, because you talk to some one on the road or know most people doesnt mean u are part of it. Everyone knows and talks with basically everyone on the island, remember it is a SMALL island. Thirdly, his mom was not even on the island, that incident was someone else's mother. Get the information straight. Yall makin the internet alot worse than it really should be.

  4. the mother of the deceased was not injured as she was not present. It is another mother of another victim that was injured and she was hospitalised at the Hospital

  5. To bring in police from St. Martin or St. Maarten would probably require the Governor declaring a state of emergency.

    Last year at Carnival, Sheriff Security, a private SXM company, was hired to provide additional uniformed manpower at Carnival. They received many compliments for their conduct, so I assume they were hired again this year. I suspect Mrs Legg heard them described inaccurately. They look like police and they're from St. Maarten.

  6. What is happening to our young people? This week in Bermuda (Our sister OT) Five teenagers jumped on another teenager who was 18 years and about to leave to go to college and stabbed him to death. A girl was included in the group of teens who have been charged with Murder amoung other criminal offences. The Defendants are all between the ages of 15 to 18.

    Lord we got to pray for the Magistrates, Judges and Law Enforcement ... they got it tough. Let us support and encourage them.



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