04 July, 2008


Name and Shame. I do not know if you were as astonished as I was today. In the police report published on the "Radio Anguilla" news, the police have actually, for the first time, named – no initials – named – five recently charged suspects. The police press release will, hopefully, be published in the next edition of “'The Anguillian” and "The Light".

This was probably some terrible mistake. It has always appeared to me that the police and media are there to protect the privacy of alleged criminals, not call their names. [I can't give you the link to the page in the newspaper. It has not been published as of today.]

Perhaps if we commend them publicly for their courageousness it would encourage this new openness.

Look out for the Foreign Affairs Committee Report due to be published on Sunday. What will it have to say about Anguilla?

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