05 July, 2008

FAC Report

Foreign Affairs Committee of the UK Parliament Report. The FAC Report on the administration, expenditure and policy of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and its associated agencies has finally been published. You can read your own copy here. Be patient with the downloading. The Report is 3.17 MB in .pdf format.


  1. Anguilla has not been overlooked. The report says:

    "We recommend that the Government should encourage the Anguillan government to establish an independent inquiry into allegations that Anguillan ministers accepted bribes from developers in the Territory. We also recommend that the Government should urge the Anguillan government to use the opportunity of constitutional review to introduce stronger anti-corruption measures in the Territory. (para 203)"

  2. Under our present laws, bribes given to elected officials are illegal if we call them "bribes" but legal if we call them "campaign contributions."

  3. For those who may not wish to troll through hundreds of pages, Caribbean Net News has published a good summary of the Caribbean highlights: http://tinyurl.com/5ckf4a


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