22 August, 2010


We are proceeding to examine Kate Sullivan's Initial recommendations for Changes to Constitutional and Electoral Arrangements in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  We have in previous posts dealt in fourteen numbered paragraphs with some of my concerns at earlier portions of her Recommendations.  We now continue:
[15]      Recommendation 31 proposes to completely emasculate the Public Service Commission and give it a completely vacuous and useless role.  The TCI has at present one of the most advanced and democratic provisions in its Constitution for the governance of the public service.  A Commission of locals appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of various stake-holders makes the decisions about appointments and conditions of service of public servants.  The Governor is required to implement their recommendations.  That is as it should be. 
If the system in TCI is not working, of which there is no suggestion, then the members of the Commission need to be trained in their proper functioning, not have the country deprived of the institution. 
It is essential that the FCO recognise that its mandate is to develop and to improve the local institutions of self-government so as to help the people of the Overseas Territories to learn the proper rules of government and how to avoid cronyism, conflicts of interest, and nepotism. 
Putting appointments in the hands of an FCO functionary, advised behind the scenes by those cronies that he and his superiors select, is not an acceptable alternative.
To be continued …
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