07 August, 2010


Other committees and commissions:  The 1982 Constitution of Anguilla contains provisions that offend against transparency.  In particular it provides for the arbitrary and one-man execution of some of the processes that in a democratic country should be handled by independent local institutions. 
Let us take the absence of a Mercy Committee as an example.  At present section 76 gives the Secretary of State acting through the Governor the sole power to grant a pardon, either free or subject to conditions, to a convicted person.  Anguilla is not unique in this respect.  In most of our territories, the Governor has the Constitutional power to function without any local Mercy Committee to advise him on what to do.  Whenever the prerogative of mercy is exercised in the fashion prescribed by the Constitution, legitimate doubts will arise as to its propriety.  The question will be asked, what does a foreign politician or diplomat know about who in our prisons should have his sentence shortened or commuted?  The suspicion will be that he has relied on the advice of some unknown advisers lurking in the darkness around him.  The result is that no sensible Governor is likely ever take the risk of exercising the power, even in the clearest of situations.  It is either that or be prepared to face personal doubts and attacks over his motives if he ever does exercise it.  This is a most unsatisfactory state of affairs. 
The absence of a Boundaries Commission to ensure transparency in the placing of electoral boundaries to the various political constituencies is another vexed issue.  In some of our islands there has been no Boundaries Commission appointed for centuries.  As demographics have shifted, some of our electoral districts have become a small fraction of the size of others.  Good government demands that our people have more or less equal representation in the House. 
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  1. The more I learn about Anguilla, the more I feel that you are chasing windmills as far as "corruption free Anguilla" is concerned!

  2. "The beggar was the lookout man for the gang. But that is impossible! How can a blind man be a lookout?"
    "How can an idiot be a police officer? Well, all he has to do is enlist..." - The Pink Panther

    - Scotty

  3. "Corruption free" is a goal, a standard of performance. It has never been achieved by any country, because humans are imperfect. But it remains a valid standard for us to strive for.

    Christian believers strive for a life without sin. Should we say they are chasing windmills because they cannot reach such a goal?

  4. "Christian believers strive for a life without sin. Should we say they are chasing windmills because they cannot reach such a goal?"
    Many times it is the ones that act the most pious and preach the most that commit the greatest sins.
    In Anguilla everyone goes to church on Sunday, acting like they are moral and upstanding citizens. Unfortunately the moment they exit the church doors most people go back to their usual behavior :
    Fornication, Coveting their neighbors goods, wives, stealing, lying etc. it is all very hypocritical and very transparent. If only humans would practice what they preach, society would benefit immensly.

  5. Hmmm, guess I never attributed "transparency" to fornication. Now wonder this world is so screwed up. Everyone's doing it public! - Scotty

  6. Is there a conflict of interest when the PS Finance and her husband, member of Social Security Board, making decisions on issues. The husband is also on a subcommittee of SS. Should we allow this to happen? In the previous administration there would have been an outcry, but persons are so silent now. I think this conflict should be highlighted so that persons become aware of it.

  7. How do we stop it?
    From what i can see the government has no power.
    It is the deputy governor and the untouchable civil servants that rule.
    These blatant conflicts of interest were ignored by the Governor with the previous government. Now it is being blatantly ignored with the aum government.
    I can't understand why the governor doesn't stop all these conflicts of interest. It is not allowed in the UK so why is it allowed here?
    He can't say he didn't know it was happening so logic would say that he approves, perhaps the eeu should be informed what is happening in Anguilla by the British rulers as well as our own ministers. We must stop all the conflicts of interest within our government, civil servants and the governors office.
    Remember none of you can say
    It is a disgrace.


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