21 July, 2010


No comment necessary.


Except, perhaps, when are they going to get the goddamned Bill to the House of Assembly?


  1. So much for Libertarian Paradise. More health and safety nonsense from the Nanny State.

    Hint: We are *not* our neighbors' keepers. Once we're old enough to wear long pants, we are all, *individually*, responsible for our *own*, *personal*, health and safety, and that of *no* one else.

    To say otherwise is to be tyrannical, and not merely piratical.

    Soon, Don'll want poor plod to be pulling us over to see if we brushed our teeth. Spying on us at dinner to see if we eat our vegetables, &cet...

  2. I am flabbergasted by the above comment. Do you mean a seatbelt law that saves untold thousands, nay, millions of lives equals or does not equal a libertarian paradise? If you want libertarian paradise, go find a country that has no laws against murder, theft, assault, speed limits, libel, slander, illegal aliens, drugs, child abuse, etc., etc., etc.

    Or, to put it more simply, according to the above poster...

    Seatbelt law = no more "Anguilla libertarian paradise"


    Not being allowed to carry a gun = "Anguilla libertarian paradise" alive and well.

    Go figure.

  3. you can wear your seat belt each and every time you get in a car. You do not need a law. Will a law make you actually wear it? How does my not wearing a seatbelt affect you?

    Personal responsibility is what this is all about. I wear my seat belt every time I drive anywhere in the world. I encourage everyone around me to do the same. I know it saves lives and prevents injuries and assume others know that too. If that's not enough to make you wear your seat belt why should I care?

  4. While the adoption of the new seat belt law and driving under the influence is a good thing, we are forgetting one serious point.We AXAns are the ones who will pay dearly under this law.We have become accustomed to not wearing seat belt/driving while not intoxicated that adapting to this law will be hard.Our people will be caught and given ticket /fines that they will have to pay or risk jail time.Over the years our accident statistics does not reflect any outrageously high incidence of this becoming a severe problem.But the law is the law and we should obey it dispite our misgivings.My only hope is that our officers use discretion because they too are often seen driving around the Island apparently intoxicated.We are a free society and even though there is drinkg permitted there has never been a critcal problem with drunk driving and accidents.Most of our traffic fatalities arise from incompetent driving where our ,especially the young,drivers operate their vehicle at excessive speed and can not control their vehicle.What should be legislated is higher penalties /fines for such dangerous and reckless driving.Our Island are not only attractive to tourist for the beaches,people and hotels but also for the freedom to drive around with a beer/drink in hand without the law hassling them like they do in the Big Countries.This freedom will be interfered with and I am sure the toiurist who will get caught wont be coming back no time soon to stand trial for their crimes.What do we do then wait until they show up some 2- 5 years later and lock them up?

  5. "We have become accustomed to not wearing seat belt/driving while not intoxicated that adapting to this law will be hard."

    Oh, poor us, what a burden this will be and what victims we all are! What right do our leaders have to tell me what to do in my own car?

  6. If I mashup my car and my bones by hitting a tree, and can't or won't pay my hospital bill, it will be paid by you, the taxpayers. Non-paying patients is why taxpayers have to pay some $2 million a month to support the health system, and that's why it's your business whether I use my seat belt or not.

  7. July 24, 2010 7:31 AM: So why should the government destroy medical markets by taking stolen money to pay for someone else's "mashup" in the first place? :-)

    July 22, 2010 5:35 PM: "Libertarian Paradise" is an on-going joke about how Anguilla was sold to the rest of the world in the 1980's/1990's as a place of low taxation and regulation, where "free Anguillians" behaved in a State of Libertarian Nature unsullied by the depredations of the State, Nanny and otherwise.

    All proven wrong by the excesses of the real estate boom, the huge influx of real-estate taxes and import duties, causing massive government expenditures and the hiring of every Minister's cousin into the government because the money had to be spent.

    It turns out that, like everywhere else in the world, Anguillians were so "free" because they couldn't afford the Red Tape Raj they *really* wanted.

  8. When will we be able to read the secret report on the dismantling of the Health Authority? It was completed a week ago and submitted to Eddie. Why is he sitting on it and what's in it that he doesn't want me to know?

  9. I repeated the same question above, about the Health Authority, on axareality, and some kind person provided the following response:

    "The Minister is a punk. Them tell him he can't dismantel the HAA and he scared to tell Papa Doc. Thats y you didnt see the report yet."


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