04 July, 2010

Property rights

Trust property:  Before we broke on 27 June to take a look at the ethics and sustainability of government borrowing from the Social Security Fund to pay bills, we were looking at the constitutional exceptions to our fundamental right to own property.  We now turn back to the subject.  The eighth exception to our section 7 fundamental right is even more obscure than some of the earlier ones we looked at previously. 
The section says that I cannot complain if property is taken away from my possession when it is trust property being given to the person who has the better right to it.  Or, I may be an enemy alien in time of war, and my property is being confiscated.  Or, the administrator of persons or companies adjudged bankrupt, or insolvent, or of unsound mind, or deceased may be vesting the property in the name of the administrator. 
In none of these cases can I complain if what I consider my property is being taken away.  We all hope that we shall never meet someone with a better right to our property than we ourselves have.

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