09 March, 2010


There is an interesting editorial in the Cayman Net News this morning.  I recommend you read it by clicking here.  It has to do with the old canard raised from time to time by some of my friends right here in Anguilla.  These are the conspiracy theorists, of whom I am sometimes one, who are convinced to the point of fanaticism that it is the secret desire and dastardly plot of “the British”, by whom I understand they mean the gnomes of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, to drive the native Anguillians out of the island and replace the population with Anglo Saxons.  Another version has it that it is the City of London which has hatched a plot to extinguish Anguilla’s offshore industry in order to spoon the cream onto its own strawberries.  Perhaps the most extreme version I have heard has it that Britain wants to replace the native Anguillians with Chinese and others because their own degenerate culture is under attack by the pristine purity of the Anguillian, and they must destroy us in self-defence!
The editorial expresses more eloquently and clearly than I ever could why all this hysteria is such a load of nonsense.
Of course the Cayman Net News is more restrained than I could ever be.
Still, it was entertaining to learn that this visceral fear is shared by our BOT cousins, and is not endemic to Anguilla.  I think even the most conspiracy-minded of us realise that if our economy and society is eventually ruined, it will have been done to us by our own politicians, contractors and businessmen.
And, did I hear Mitch on The Elkin Show a few weeks before the election speaking about his recent visit to the Turks and Caicos Islands?  I thought I heard him say that he found the majority of the people happy that the British FCO had temporarily got rid of their corrupt parliament and government.  Knowing Mitch, I half expected him to say that the population was planning a revolution against what that crook Misick called a “British Invasion”.  So much for the two pig-pen-dwelling political parties in TCI coming together to march in protest at the suspension of their constitution, as we have been hearing about recently. 
Let us hope that the British can help the TC Islanders to come up with a new Constitution that contains the safeguards that will guarantee transparency, accountability and integrity before they hand back local government to that bunch of swillers in the next eighteen months.  They don’t have much time left.


  1. i really do not know why you are worried about the british big brother, the island has already been sold out to the star spankled banner

  2. The important thing is that the system have effective checks and balances. I would like a system where even if a politician or two became possessed by aliens, or bribed, the system could not be corrupted. It can be done, but we don't have that.

  3. Frankly, I'd wish that politicians, once bribed, stayed that way, but if wishes were horses &cet...

  4. Couldn't agree more: "I think even the most conspiracy-minded of us realise that if our economy and society is eventually ruined, it will have been done to us by our own politicians, contractors and businessmen." Love it! Keep 'em coming Don!

  5. I Disagree :

    I think the most conspiracy-minded of us realise that our economy and society is already ruined, and it has been done to us by the BRITISH using the foreign GOVERNORS, foreign DEPUTY GOVERNORS , foreign ATTONEYS GENERAL, and our own greedy local politicians.

    Now that is the truth. YOU do not have to believe that there is a British conspiracy, for there to be one.

    Tell me any time in history that the BRITISH ADMINISTRATION has not been conspiring against the people of the colonies under its control.

    Conspiring against the best interests of the "NATIVES" is as English as afternoon tea!

    MAL ADMINISTRATION / BAD GOVERNANCE is a function of the BRITISH GOVERNMENT, not the local politicians, contractors and businessmen. It is bad governance of a classic nature that is responsible for the plight we find ourselves in today.

    Until you fully realise that what has happened in Anguilla is willful and deliberate mal administration, designed to bring us Anguillians to our knees, then you will be like Don Mitchell, who can see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil, where the British are concerned. Mr. Mitchell is in this case blaming the victims and not the terrorist!



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