25 November, 2009

I love it

I am sorry if this blog seems to have gone quiet.  I have not thought it through.  There could be two reasons.  One, there is absolutely nothing I am upset about right now.  Two, there are so many people now publishing controversial views on political and social issues that the original motivation for this blog has been subsumed.  I suppose there is a third.  I am completely written out, so that even if I was mad at some incident, like learning that Keithley has had the lack of good sense to apply for the vacant post of Magistrate, I would not have the words to write about it.  For the past couple of weeks, I have been kept busy revising law lectures, writing magazine articles, and researching and writing scripts for the upcoming TV programmes on “The Law and You” on channel 3 TV.  Six scripts written so far, all on elections law.  So, you may need to look elsewhere for up-to-date comments on wrong-doing in Anguilla until I can find more time.
Have you become friends yet with Anguillian Transparency?  If not I highly recommend it.  There is some good writing there. 
The most exciting forum right now is probably AXA Politics.  On that site you can always find passionate writing about Anguilla’s future, and the upcoming general elections. 
The public political meetings that are going on nearly every day in one part of the island or another, sometimes as many as three different ones each night, are the only live theatre in Anguilla.  Not everybody wants to be seen in public at one or the other of these political meetings.  Not to worry, they are all broadcast live on radio, with live streaming so that Anguillians in the USA or the UK can keep up-to-date.
The radio talk-shows are obligatory listening for those concerned about Anguilla.  They are all accessible over the internet.  The ones I know about are:
1. On Kool FM:  Yanchie Richardson’s The Mayor’s Show on Saturday mornings, Elkin Richardson’s To the Point on Monday evenings, and John Benjamin’s classic Talk your Mind on Wednesdays evenings.
2. On Klass FM:  Haydn Hughes’ call in show on Thursday evenings.
3. On Radio Anguilla:  Pastor Phillip Gumbs’ Social Solutions on Saturday mornings.
            Faced with all that commendable competition, it seems almost pointless for me to add my two cents worth.
I am making enquiries about Keithley’s alleged application to join the Magistracy straight from his seat behind the Commissioner of Police’s desk.  I am still waiting for a response from the Hon Deputy Governor.  One way or the other I shall let you know what I find out.


  1. I know he went to law school but is he even admitted to the bar in Anguilla? He has no experience practicing law and he wants to be a Magistrate? I know he's arrogant but this would be really over the top.

  2. On Tuesday, Sir Richard Gozney, Governor of Bermuda, said the following about retaining control of the police:

    "As long as we have international responsibility for Bermuda we will insist on retaining that oversight. We are not going to budge on that.

    "We need to have some levers. If we are going to carry the can we need to have some means of seeing that law and order is respected."

    He said the possibility of corruption - under any administration - was one concern fuelling Britain's stance.


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