27 December, 2008

Long Bay

Long Bay Development in Anguilla. A story posted on an international property blog caught my attention.

“Exhibiting with Global Development Group, International Golf & Resort Management (IGRM) will unveil the Long Bay project at Excel, the trade fair for international property developers and sales agents. Michael Longshaw, the CEO of International Golf & Resort Management and former Managing Director of Brocket Hall, will announce details of the Long Bay project which is located close to the western tip of the island and take the form of an exclusive club residence. The luxury residential community will be situated on one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and feature 41 exclusive villas and 15 apartments with full concierge service together with beach club comprising swimming pool, tennis courts, restaurant, bar, gym and spa.

Michael Longshaw is well qualified to lead the project having spent two years living in Anguilla managing the Cocoloba Hotel on Barnes Bay. International Golf & Resort Management has undertaken the market and financial study to determine the opportunity for Global and gone on to produce the master plan recommending the concept, standard, scale and range facilities as well as the best market positioning and target markets.”

I decided to look further into this new project. The Movie Channel webpage carries an advertisement for it:

· - Exceptional Land Investment – 48% per annum

· - Caribbean Haven in Anguilla, British West Indies

· - This 31.5 acre, 6-star resort will be created on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Anguilla

· - Investment available from just £20,000 (€25,000; $35,000)

· - Planning was awarded on the 19th June 2008, with full planning expected in January 2009

· - The land has just been valued independently at US$45 million and once full planning is granted a valuation in excess of US$75

· - The developer is looking to secure US$7.5 million

· - Repayment target date 30th April 2009

· - Return on Investment 4% per month (equivalent to 48% p.a.)

Long Bay epitomises the highest qualities of Anguilla. 41 villas and 15 apartments nestling on the south west coast of this jewel of the British West Indies, meticulously constructed and fitted to six star resort quality.”

The Movie Channel story is illustrated with a photograph of a generic little Caribbean island that is certainly not Long Bay. It looks a bit like Sandy Island used to look twenty years ago, but I am not sure this picture really is of a place associated with Anguilla.

Further details are given at The Investor Portal dot com page:

“The Investment

The Investors will hold Shares through a specialist Investor Company in proportion to the value of their investment.

The Investor Company will acquire ownership of building Plots whose value, once full planning permission has been obtained, is at least twice the value of the amount invested – as determined by an independent valuer of international repute.


We will have the Option to buy the Plots from the Investor Company at any time up to 31st December 2009, for the amount of the Funds provided, plus a premium of 4% per month or part month, calculated on a daily basis from the time when the Investor Company provides the Funds. This is equivalent to an annual return of 48%. It is intended that the Option will be exercised by 30 April 2009, since by this time institutional funds should be in place.


If the developer fails to exercise the Option by 31st December 2009, they will arrange the sale of the Plots on the open market, and remit the proceeds to the Investor Company.

This is a strictly limited offer and investors will be dealt with on a “first come first served” basis.


§ Return of 48% p.a.

§ Minimum investment of £20,000

§ 8 months estimated duration of investment

§ Your investment will be secured against land valued in excess of twice the investment made

I read up on the Carlton Hospitality Group. The information on this project on their website is less overstated than the more recent stories above. The claim then was that:

“Carlton Hospitality Group (CHG), a division of real estate investment bank Carlton Advisory Services, is fast becoming one of the leading financiers of Caribbean hospitality transactions, according to chairman Howard L. Michaels and CHG president John Bralower.

Carlton presently is arranging over one billion dollars of equity and debt financing for Caribbean projects.

In 2006, CHG has closed the following Caribbean transactions: . . .

* $205 million acquisition and development financing of Long Bay Resorts, Anguilla--The financing will be used for development of a five star luxury resort located on 21.5 acres of pristine beachfront in Anguilla.”

At the Interchange fx webpage we read that:

Global Development Group, through an Anguillan local company, Global Investment Anguilla Limited (GIA, company no. 1016654), are the resort developers with key personnel who have a proven track record in successfully creating this type of resort.

· The development is a joint venture with a local Anguillan family who own the land which has already been transferred into the development company, GIA."

Their story is illustrated with a banner montage, allegedly depicting “Long Bay”.

I need hardly tell you that the picture does not depict Long Bay in Anguilla. It looks like nowhere I have ever seen before, except perhaps Maundays Bay on the opposite coast.

It is interesting that this is to be an “exclusive club residence”. I thought that government’s policy was opposed to the construction of exclusive club residences. The objection, we have been told, is that such residences remain empty most of the year, and offer few employment opportunities for Anguillians. Beaches, we have been repeatedly told, are reserved for hotels.

Anyway, given the excess of planning permissions, building permits, and aliens landholding licenses given to developers to construct or enlarge projects on Shoal Bay East, Shoal Bay West, Conch Pool Bay, Savannah Bay, and Meads Bay, over the past seven or eight years, I thought there was a moratorium in place. When the proposed approximately-4,000 new rooms are constructed, Anguilla will need some 12,000 additional workers. That is the equivalent of the entire present population of Anguilla. Not to mention the impossibility at this time of world-wide economic depression of anyone selling any “investment” apartments or residences in Anguilla.

Carlton Hospitality Group is a very reputable company.

Does any legitimate investment today offer a return of 48% per annum, even on a short term?

If “the development is a joint venture with a local Anguillian family who own the land which has already been transferred into the development company”, can someone tell me this: How can the family still own the land if it has been transferred to GIA?

Did the investors put up the equivalent of the value of the land into the development company in order to make this a true joint venture? If they did not, and if the local Anguillian family have transferred their land to GIA in a joint venture but without any quid pro quo, does this mean that they are the only ones at risk if something goes wrong with this venture?

Why and how did the description of the resort change from “5-star” to “6-star”? Did something change in the plans, or is it all just marketing hype?

Why, anyway, would a reputable hotelier to claim that he is building a “6-star-resort”? The star system originated in Europe where the highest ranking is five stars. Six stars exist only in the minds of over-enthusiastic hotelier marketers.

How did the area of the property come to grow from 21.5 acres to 31.5 acres?

Long Bay is on the north-west coast, not the south-west coast.

Would a photograph of the real Long Bay have revealed that the sea is not as inviting as depicted in the advertisements?

Have you been able to work out from the various promotional pieces above how the investment is structured? How exactly will the individual investors, the Anguillian land-owning family, and the Anguillian government and public, all be protected?

And, can anyone tell me how the government of Anguilla could bring itself to allow this type of development?


  1. Surely 'Sillerman' the Nemesis of Anguilla will have a problem with this.... it is on 'his beach'!

  2. "His" beach is nice when it's there but it comes and goes with the ground seas. I've been up there when you had to look between the stones to find a few grains of sand.

    Not counting the two beaches that don't exist any more because the sand was removed and sold, this is arguably the worst beach in Anguilla, not "one of the best beaches in the Caribbean."

  3. I note on page 10 of today's 'Anguillian,' a family newspaper, below Ijahnya's Christmas story, a notice of dissolution of the colourfully named Eifuku Investment Management Limited. I'm wondering if there's any connection between them and the proposed Long Bay development.

  4. What struck me about that articel was this sentence "Rebecca Eggleton’s Altamer resort has been incredibly successful in creating an appetite for mega villas for the super rich in Anguilla." As far as I know, all plans for their villas and megayacht marina have folded and they owe the construction company that was supposed to build it all in excess of 1 million and don't have the money to pay it.....so if that is incredibly successful, I thing that puts the whole article in questionable light as far as accuracy of facts.

  5. The marina that one of the Ministers said would be "the death of Cap Juluca" and then-manager of Cap Juluca Guishard said would have 1700 slips, each with one or more stinking diesel engines? Not everyone is mourning the death of the marina.

    ...his clothes shall be rent, and his head bare, and he shall put a covering upon his upper lip, and shall cry, "Unclean, unclean."
    --Leviticus 13:45

  6. "Accuracy of facts"? Their model for accuracy may be Altamer, who said in April:

    "A few top of the range residences have come onto the market... A collection of luxury residences at the high-end resort of Altamer in Anguilla...are for sale... There are nine villas on this Caribbean island... "

    Six of the nine villas exist only on paper.

  7. Altamer told The Sunday Times (London) in August that they have not only a maria but an airport!

    "Altamer is a collection of nine fully staffed villas designed by Myron Goldfinger. It has facilities for your private jet and a mega-yacht marina".

  8. This project came to my attention in an article published in the Daily Herald (Philipsburg) on 26 November, page 22. It appears to be a news release for the CM's Office. Ironically, the headline for this article was "Golf Course At Temenos Closed". To my knowledge, this article never appeared in The Anguillain.

    I ask why we need another luxury resort in light of the current slump in resort developement? Could it be greed?

  9. Planning commission . Do you know how to do simple arithmetics? Prime Minister are you there? I think Madoff has moved to Anguilla!!!!! Hello! is anyone there?

  10. You deserve many pats on the back for digging into stories as you do. I hope Anguillians appreciate the service you provide in asking the pertinent and embarrassing questions you do about such matters as the Long Bay developments. Keep up the good work.

  11. Full Description
    Anguilla has long been known as a holiday home destination for the rich and famous. For those who seek perfection in all things. The peerless combination of endless unspoiled, white sand beaches, superb dining and tremendous golf, attracts visitors and buyers alike. Individuals who appreciate the quiet splendour of this secluded Caribbean paradise. The facilities at Long Bay will complement the peerless standards of this gated community – beautifully landscaped gardens (the resort sits in 31.5 acres of prime land), concierge services, tennis courts, private and communal swimming pools, spa pool, private restaurant and beach bar – the facilities combine to create the leisure experience demanded by fastidious owners,visitors and guests.


    Land in Anguilla is now being sold like gold bullion on the international market! What happened to the moratoarium?


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