16 December, 2008


Curtains for Michael Misick. For those of us who follow events in our sister British Overseas Territories in the West Indies, the breaking news is that it may be curtains for Premier Michael Misick. His parliamentary colleagues are abandoning him en masse.

Misick has led one of the most corrupt and degenerate regimes in the British West Indies for the past several years. The news is a welcome development not only for the TCI citizens, but for all of us in the BOTs in the West Indies. We all felt nothing but shame having such a leader among us.

May both grace and sanity come to our sisters and brothers in the TCI at long last!


  1. Misick is smarter than he looks. After he met yesterday with Floyd Hall, the Minister of Finance, Hall announced that the party was abandoning their abandonment of Misick.

    The party meets today to decide the way forward. As they control the legislature, the opposition can do nothing but complain. And even that's hard to do in TCI, since the ruling party controls most of the media.

  2. The true situation is quite the opposite of what you suggest. Missick may yet be Prime Minister of an independent TCI as a result of corrupt collusion between the two parties.

    The following is from yesterday's intelligence report from London.

    “From TCI Journal and TCI Net News today you may be aware that the situation in TCI is at a crucial juncture. Premier Mike Misick and the Opposition Party Leader may team up to forestall an Interim Government (that would wrest power from them); call for fresh elections to seek a mandate for Independence; that they will rig/buy; and claim that a CoI/hearings are not necessary (as MM and his Ministers/cronies try to avoid jail).”

    The British Government and Gordon Brown in particular would be more than delighted if the TCIslanders would Vote for Independence and save the Chancellor of Exchequer probably more than $500 million in fiscal claims, various liabilities and outright official loans/guarantees – due to the “laxity” of the FCO and Governor.


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