23 May, 2008


Seldom has there been a more searing indictment published. Some of us are afraid. We are young, and there are mortgages to pay. Some of us are employees of the State, and our lips are sealed. Most of us are young, and terrified of victimization. Only the older persons among us can publish the truth and be unafraid.

Harry Wiggin is an English Solicitor. He is married to Attorney Pam Webster and lives at Island Harbour. He has earned all his laurels, and is unafraid. He did it for the FAC

Read it and weep!


  1. That is certainly food for thought. I admire the boldness of the postings and complaints. There is really no true transparency when democracy does not prevail. The system is at the mercy (or lack of) of the Governor or Deputy Governor. When one person has so much power and acts contrary in the interest of the public then we cannot say that democracy prevails.

    I am amazed by the way individuals are muzzled and victimized in the system. 'The noisy wheel gets the oil'

    Government for the people by the Deputy governor. Not government by the people for the people.

  2. Very well written. Pretty much tells it all. I am an expat living here and am frustrated with the entire flow of government. Everything is secretive. I would like to go to government meetings but am never informed of when those meetings are. And even if I go, what can I do? Why does Anguilla have to build any more resorts then can be built by and serviced by Anguillians. Anguillians will soon be the minority here if they are not already. Signed. Frustrated.

  3. Wow. That is some submission!

  4. this piece by Harry was written on January 31st. Has anything happened as a result? Will there be any feedback from the FCO? Will anything change? Does anyone care? Will investigations begin? Was there a reply? Do they ever reply? Would Harry be willing to discuss this on Don's blog or on one of the radio shows?

    What should we expect now that someone has blown the whistle?


    A demonstration by the Concerned Citizens on Thursday, July 19, 2007 has put another angle to the Constitutional Reform process. They are calling for a referendum prior to the commencement of formal negotiations on the Anguilla Constitution. They are saying that they want to make certain that any draft constitution reflects the true aspirations of the island’s people.
    The Concerned Citizens also called for an Independent Judicial Inquiry to investigate a number other matters. They marched from the parking lot at the Webster Park to the Governor’s Office where a letter was read to Governor Andrew George by Merlin Duncan and was then presented to him by Percy Thomas on behalf of the Concerned Citizens.
    The full text of that letter follows:

    20th July 2007

    His Excellency Mr Andrew George
    The Governor
    Old Ta

    Your Excellency,

    Constitutional Reform

    Various Scenes of the March to the Governor’s Office
    Various Scenes of the March to the Governor’s Office
    Following the visit of the Committee of Twenty-Four of the United Nations the people of Anguilla were advised that they were entitled to at least four (4) options with regard to our status within the international community as opposed [to] two options put forward by the British Government.

    Further, the Constitutional Committee chaired by Mr. David Carty, recommended a referendum to enable the people of Anguilla to determine their future status and the option which they wish to pursue in order for a draft constitution to be prepared consistent with their chosen option.
    Notwithstanding the expressions of concern from members of the community with respect to the need for a referendum, The Mitchell Commission set about canvassing the opinion of the Anguilla public based upon the existing constitution with amendments being made to the same thereby denying the Anguilla public the opportunity of determining their future status.

    On the 23rd of July 2007, negotiations are expected to commence with a delegation from the British Government for constitutional reform. It is imperative that in accordance with Britain’s international obligations, the people of Anguilla are given the opportunity to be properly sensitized and educated as to the full array of options available to them and a referendum held to determine which of the options have been selected by the Anguillian public.
    Thereafter a draft constitution, reflecting the true aspirations of the People of Anguilla can be drafted and negotiated with the British Government. It is felt by the Anguillian public that this course of action is the most democratic and in accordance with good governance we hereby request that the British Government ensure that a referendum be conducted prior to the commencement of formal negotiations on the Constitution of Anguilla.

    Judicial Inquiry
    In the last few weeks, it has come to the attention of the Anguillian public that grave human rights abuses have been taking place on Anguilla soil with respect to the Viceroy Project in West End, much to the outrage of the Anguilla public. It has also come to light that the Anguilla Government knew of the terms and conditions of these migrant workers and failed to ensure that the Contractors acted in accordance with our laws and best labour practices. The Government has also failed to ensure that the Anguillian People will be able to actively participate in a meaningful way in the economic development of the Viceroy and Temenos projects in Anguilla, being the two projects on the island which currently import mass migrant labour. The present influx of labour and particularly cheap migrant slave labour, will have the effect of negatively impacting on the standard of living of Anguillians.

    Anguilla’s reputation has been tarnished as a result of these reprehensible events and coupled with the fact that the Anguilla Government has on numerous occasions sought to bring into effect legislation which is harmful to the wellbeing and security of the Anguilla public. The People of Anguilla have lost confidence in the Anguilla Government’s representation of their interests and in the interest of good governance, transparency and accountability we hereby request an independent Judicial Inquiry comprising of an impartial body to investigate these and other matters of ethical conduct between Government, Foreign Investors and the extent to which it impacts on individuals and entities in this country.
    We look forward to your earnest response to these crucial issues.

    Yours sincerely,
    Percy Thomas
    for Concerned Citizens of Anguilla

    Meanwhile, Chief Minister Fleming said at the press briefing that a referendum on a constitution could be a complex matter, but the Government was prepared to look at the situation to see how best the wishes of the people could be met.

    Now this is a really powerful statement by the people of Anguilla, but they did not make it to the Foreign affairs Committee, because when it comes to dealing with the best interests of Anguillians, the Foreign Office is as secretive in their dealings as the local government-they are all foxes and wolves.

  6. ... Really a great peice of bull-shit writing there. We Anguillians are happy. Go back under the covers!... and die.

  7. If the previous correspondent is really speaking for Anguillians, why would he need to hide his identity by signing himself as "Anonymous"? And is he seriously claiming, on behalf of his fellow Anguillians, that Anguillians are the sort of people who respond to a difference of opinion by calling upon the holder of that opinion to die? It is a sad day indeed if that is the case, but Anguillians are made of much better stuff than that.


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