03 October, 2007

No Names

In Anguilla We Do Not Name Names. I received the following press release from the government press office on Tuesday. I guess I am on the mailing list as part of Anguilla’s “media”. I challenge you to read the release below and guess what it is really all about [excuse the bad spelling, but I did not think it in my place to correct someone else’s press release]. Have a look at the photographs below that accompanied the press release. Clicking on a photograph should enlarge it for better viewing.

Chief Minister Calls Fire Pit On Meads Bay Beach A Disgrace

The Valley, Anguilla, October, Tuesday, 2nd, 2007 --- The Honourable Chief Minister Osbourne B. Fleming responded to a call at 7:00am Sunday Morning, September 30th, 2007, made by the West End Concerned Group. Upon his arrival he was alarmed and dismayed to notice that someone had dug a circular hole some 4 feet in depth and 10 ft in diameter and used it for a fire pit right on the beach some 20 feet from the water’s edge.

It was obvious that some form of merrymaking had taken place there on the Meads Bay beach just to the North West of Frangipani the Saturday night before. It was undetermined at the time if the said merrymakers of this function were responsible. The Chief Minister is investigating the matter to determine just who the culprits are. The offenders had not only used the beach inappropriately but displayed blatant disregard for the safety of others. The intention obviously was to provide more lighting or some sort of bond fire effect but what was left in the final analysis was a danger to others that could cause injury. The firewood used obviously was construction material such as lumber with nails and Pallot Boards taken from a construction site in the vicinity. Chief Minister Fleming has called the act disgraceful and an irresponsible use of the beach.

Chief Fleming is urging all persons using the beach to sustain the aesthetics of the beach environment by cleaning up after functions and by ensuring that any and all use of the beaches does not infringe on the rights and privileges of other users. It is quite disturbing to behold sights such as the one witnessed on Sunday Morning at the Middle part of Meads Bay Beach. Mr. Fleming is also encouraging persons to report all such acts to the Environment Department.

What is so funny about this story is that every schoolchild in West End knows who lit the bonfire on Meads Bay. Every little turtle trying to lay her eggs and getting confused with the light from the bonfire knows who held the party. It happens every last Friday in every month. It has been going on for at least the past four months. That is when the Kor Group holds a beach party at night for their sales and construction staff. The party-goers light a big bonfire on the beach. They eat and drink to their hearts’ content. That is what happened on Friday 28 September. Except that this time my information is they were not sitting around the bonfire drinking with merriment. They were drowning their sorrows. After months of effort, and a huge expenditure on flying prospective purchasers in to Anguilla, my information is that not one villa or apartment has sold. Viceroy at Barnes Bay is not selling. The Tides projects at Meads Bay and Savannah Bay are not moving at all. Money is hemorrhaging. Staff are being let go. Carillion, the construction company, has its share of woes. My information is that they are about to leave Anguilla. Anyone with more accurate information is welcome to add their comment.

So, will somebody please enlighten the Chief Minister and tell him that the unknown culprit who left the abandoned fire pit on the beach is probably his favourite developer in the West End of Anguilla?


I have just learned from a very reliable source that I misinformed myself and misled you when I wrote above that Viceroy was responsible for the bonfire on the beach. It was nothing to do with Viceroy.

Apparently, Val Davis celebrated the birthday of the charming Ms Lake by holding a beach party on Saturday night. The party involved the subject bonfire. All eyes now turn to Val to see if he will apologise to the Anguillian public for leaving such a mess uncovered on the beach.

Meanwhile, apologies are due from me to Viceroy for the incorrect information. My apologies!


  1. Don,

    I'm afraid you might be wrong on this one. I'm no fan of Viceroy but the press release does say that the pit was found to the Northwest of Frangipani. The Viceroy trailer is to the East of Frangipani and Turtle's Nest. The parties that you speak of are held at the trailer (or sales centre) and it would be quite a distance away from the party site to have a bonfire. I have not seen the actual hole, but if it is where they say it is - it most likely was not Viceroy.

    I am not surprised that they are not selling...does anyone have anything nice to say about them anymore?

  2. The Viceroy project described in the following article from this week's "Anguillian" is obviously on some different planet from ours. I particularly like the editorial comments by the editor, explaining to us that the lady in question is "well-focussed, highly experience, well-placed", and that she has "a considerable amount of knowledge, management skills and training". (This is the same editor who thinks Timothy Hodge is the greatest Social Security Director in the known universe.)

    I didn't say a word about her being a Bradsha, OK, Brother Mitchell?


    Gillian Has High Hopes For Viceroy, Anguilla, Anguillians
    Publishing date: 01.10.2007 10:44

    The newly-employed, well-focussed and highly experienced top Anguillian hotel executive looked from across her desk and spoke in glowering tones about her vision of Viceroy Anguilla and the benefits the project holds out for Anguilla, Anguillians and herself.

    Mrs. Gillian Richardson-Bradshaw
    Mrs. Gillian Richardson-Bradshaw
    The young and well-placed Gillian Richardson-Bradshaw is the daughter of Anguillian parents Franklyn (Brods) and Jacqueline Richardson of George Hill. At Viceroy she is the Director of Front House Operations, having responsibility for the entire Front Desk and Guest Service areas of the hotel including Reservations, Concierge and the Bell Desk. These are positions in which she already has a considerable amount of knowledge, management skills and training.

    Mrs. Richardson-Bradshaw, the first Anguillian privileged to have been employed as a member of Viceroy’s Executive Committee, joined the company on August 1, 2007.

    What was it about this company that made you decide to become part of their Executive Team? she was asked by The Anguillian?

    Villas in advanced stage of construction
    Villas in advanced stage of construction
    She replied that she was attracted by its international background and gave this further explanation: “It is a growing organisation with a focus on Viceroy and Tides luxury brands. It is adapting its operations to local cultures, has a strong corporate philosophy focussed on the convergence of service and design and something Anguilla does not have. It is exciting to be part of a pre-opening team and being involved in the set up of this magnificent property.”

    With the company being new on the island, how have they introduced you to their culture?

    “I was delighted to have been chosen to be sent to Los Angeles to visit the Corporate offices and to attend some of the KOR Group’s training programmes,” she replied. “In addition, I spent time at many of the trend-setting properties within the KOR Group’s portfolio experiencing the levels of services offered to our customers. It was an amazing opportunity and I was very impressed with the proactive, friendly and courteous manner of all of the staff I came into contact with. It also gave me a better understanding of the high standards everyone adheres to at the KOR Group.”

    One of the designed drawings
    One of the designed drawings
    Asked why, in particular, she was sent to Los Angeles, Mrs. Richardson-Bradshaw explained that Viceroy Anguilla was very keen to provide international exposure to their Anguillian employees in terms of training, best practices and the way business was being done at their other North American hotels.

    “There are strong hospitality skills throughout Anguilla, however Viceroy Anguilla want to take it to the next level by sending some of their key personnel to experience standards implemented at the KOR Group’s operating hotels,” she stated. “This exposure will give us a better foundation on which to help our own employees strive to meet those levels of service throughout our resort by sharing our experiences and using them in the training and development of our employees.”

    The Anguillian Executive Member at Viceroy said she learnt a lot about the KOR philosophy and culture as well as the root of the company and was able to learn and see the service standards in action. She went on: “KOR really impressed me on how they have managed to provide excellent service standards, while providing such a unique and stylish approach to design and how it complements the guest experience at their Los Angeles hotels. It will be the same, if not better, in Anguilla. I really appreciated how much effort and resources were dedicated to me. Human resources are a very important component for all of KOR’s properties. Anguilla is fortunate to have KOR developing our local talent.”

    Mrs. Richardson-Bradshaw was asked what differences she experienced there and how she thought she could adapt this to Anguilla.

    Artist perception of completed villa
    Artist perception of completed villa
    “Being part of a large company with a number of hotels, it was great to experience a corporate structure with consistent policies, procedures and standards of service throughout all their hotels,” she responded. “Our job right now is to make sure that these polices, procedures and standards are adapted to our environment and that we can incorporate them into the great training programmes we are currently creating to support our hiring strategy. After learning of all the design and service features of Viceroy Anguilla, I can truly say that we will be an example for the company and the Viceroy brand name.”

    Did you find the trip beneficial in developing your experience of the hospitality industry? she was questioned.

    “Without a doubt,” she answered. “It was unbelievable to see such consistent service throughout each of the hotels and how much everyone enjoyed their jobs and doing their part in ensuring that each guest received the services they expect when staying at our hotels.”

    Mrs. Richardson-Bradshaw disclosed that a number of key positions have been identified whereby personnel would be sent either to Miami or Los Angeles for training. She stated that occasionally some employees would be requested to participate in KOR’s Task Force team where they are sent to selected hotels for a period of time and immerse themselves in the day to day operations at the sister hotels. “Anyone lucky enough to be selected will be very well looked after and will certainly benefit from the trip and the training,” she promised.

    It was noted during the interview that there was still some time before the completion and opening of the hotel. She was therefore asked what her main responsibilities were at present.

    “We are all in the process of creating our policies, procedures and standard of operation as well as creating the services and standards that we will offer,” Mrs. Richardson-Bradshaw explained. “We are working closely with Anguillian suppliers to provide our guests with the best products, the best facilities and the best services in the Caribbean.

    “In addition, we are creating training programmes in order to support the hiring that will begin soon to ensure that every person that joins our company is fully knowledgeable, confident and comfortable with all elements of their jobs.”

    She was asked to describe some of the benefits of working for Viceroy Anguilla. “First and foremost, there are all the benefits that come hand in hand with working for an international company, such as opportunities to work overseas, promotional prospects etc. The KOR Group is a growing company and they are looking to increase the number of their hotels over the coming few years, worldwide. As such, the opportunities for me to develop either here or abroad are exciting. In addition, the plans for the training at all levels of personnel here are at international standards which again, offer great opportunity for us all.”

    On the subject of employing staff, she stated that the hotel was scheduled to open in 2008 and it was therefore too early to start hiring. The company was however working through its recruitment strategy and would recommend persons to read the newspaper for an update on plans.

    How would you describe Viceroy and The KOR Group’s philosophy to our readers, the Anguillian hotel executive was asked.

    “Our philosophy is simple,” she told The Anguillian. “We want to look after our employees, train them, develop them and give them every opportunity to succeed and in turn, they will ensure our guests’ expectations are exceeded. KOR’s standards are very specific and are a guideline for the level of service, respect and professionalism everyone in the company follows when working with each other and while taking care of our guests.

    As the interview wound down, Mrs. Richardson-Bradshaw was asked how she thought Viceroy would make a difference in Anguilla. She replied as follows:

    “Viceroy Anguilla will provide opportunities to Anguillians seeking to gain important skills and training. KOR’s culture and service philosophy have never before seen here. Opportunities for training and development will help Anguillians sharpen their skills, while providing them opportunities to advance with KOR, or with other hospitality companies.

    “Before joining Viceroy, I learnt a lot about KOR and its involvement with Anguilla, including the generous support the company has provided a broad range of Anguillians. KOR has been able to make these commitments because it has taken a long-term investment approach in Anguilla and believes that in order for it to ultimately be successful the development has to benefit the people of Anguilla. I truly believe Viceroy will continue to be a good partner for Anguilla and will be an example for all new hotels or businesses wishing to do business here.”

    The final question to her was: Can you describe your feelings about Viceroy in one word?

    “Extraordinary,” came the spontaneous reply.

  3. Speaking about the benefits of the [Viceroy project], Mr. Fleming said that an estimated 250 workers would be employed during the high phase of construction. "The benefits from it are colossal and we hope that the developers would recognise that we are partners in this project together," Chief Minister and Minister of Tourism, Osbourne Fleming, said in announcing the new tourism development on October 21. “All and all it is a win-win situation for the investors, the Anguilla Government and the people of Anguilla.” --The Anguillian, October 2004

  4. What is her college/university background? She seems quite knowledgeable and self motivated. I noticed they went to great extent to highlight the qualifications of the other team members on an international press release.

    Jan Tibaldi - General Manager
    Jeff David - Resort Manager
    Virgil Napier - Director of Sales & Marketing

  5. It the shocking that CM or the police appear clueless to who had the bonfire.Obviously the is just another PR stunt by the CM in his effort at playing the game of "Im doing something" but what exactly is the question.Our beaches are essential to us in our tourism industry yet he permit them to be desecrated and acts totally clueless.Its a shame and a disgrace alright but he is the shame and disgrace trying to feed us such bull.

  6. It is really difficult to sell villa in any caribbean island especially when ohter think that we are a corrupt little island.I've read articles from various journalists who dont exactly report Angillia in a good light.We need to listen or read other people's writings and i'm sure we will get the picture of how we are viewed.Most writers express the view that we dont have anything to offer exceptour beaches and water.Its no wonder our high class villa are still sitting with their for sale sign in the windows.Most writers express the fact that we have nothing to offer but our beaches and that there is absolutely nothing else to do on the island.In terms of recreation there is nothing.I know that peace and tranquility is our goal but still there is a need for other services to keep these high end tourist interested and entertained.
    Please dont misunderstand me ,I love My beautiful Anguilla but we need to have services that will continue to keep the tourist and at the same time entertained while they enjoy the peace and tranquility.What is there to do besides playing golf?Oh yes there is Johnno's,Pumphouse,orRoadwell cafe.NO these visitors need other forms of entertainment to keep them coming back and recommending their friends.Perhaps,we need some research done to explore this and then maybe the Viceroys and Tide projects might get the benifit of a "Sold" sign .Something to think about.eh?

  7. It is a myth put out by the dolphin prison advocates and others that the kind of stay over visitors who come to Anguilla are looking for activities such as shopping, jet skis, parasailing, movies, TV in every room, horse racing, dog racing, goat racing, casinos, theme parks and whore houses. They come here to relax, to enjoy a place where it's quiet and peaceful. They lay in the sun, they read, they dine and they enjoy each other and the feelings they had when they first met. No one talks about it but sex is a big part of that.

    Those who would turn Anguilla into a next St. Maarten, Jamaica, St. Thomas or Orlando will succeed only in cheapening what we have. They are seeking miracles that have already been given us.

  8. Today is the anniversary of the birth of Hubert Hughes, who announced last night on "Talk Your Mind" that no jobs would be created by the current construction boom, that no hotels are being built, only residents for rich people who would bring their own butlers and maids to Anguilla. He warned that those who are building apartments to rent are headed for financial disaster, because they would be empty.

    This is the same Hubert who Teacher George has repeatedly lauded as a "great leader." This is the same Hubert who announced several years ago that "Bunton has created a second Haiti."

    Happy Birthday, Hubert.

  9. Hi Don,

    This is concerning - "After months of effort, and a huge expenditure on flying prospective purchasers in to Anguilla, my information is that not one villa or apartment has sold. Viceroy at Barnes Bay is not selling. The Tides projects at Meads Bay and Savannah Bay are not moving at all. Money is hemorrhaging. Staff are being let go. Carillion, the construction company, has its share of woes. My information is that they are about to leave Anguilla." Is this true? Would these people really pull out after such heavy investing? What will happen to buildings that are not finished? More blight on the island?

  10. I understand the same thing is happening at Flag. The villas are not selling. They are too close together, more like a row of townhouses. Word is that the financiers sent in the Receivers. Mr Sillerman had to inject more money, but he has put his foot down at a limit of 200 million. He took several villas in part-payment. He is said to be having difficulty in unloading them. If this is true, "What a pistarkle!" as our Cruzian cousins say.

  11. No one is advocating bringing casinos,horse racing or such things the earlier poster alluded to.It is ludcrious that they would reject an idea to create other services for those who enjoy what our island has to offer.There is absolutely nothing wrong with improved shopping establishments and ofcourse we are water sports oriented,where we pride ourselves in mastering our seamanship skills, so whats wrong with jet skis?
    We have peace, tranquility and seclusion all over the island for those seeking to revisit or reconnect with the loved ones.I for one would not support any change to that because its our trademark.However ,there is a need for perhaps a bowling center, where most visitors can enjoy a game of bowling and a updated cinema would work well.These services will cater to the very king of visitors we seek and not detract from their experiences.
    We dont want a Jamaica,St.Thomas etc but if we study what services caused their downfall we can prevent those same pitfall the are crippling them.We by no means will advocate casino gambling or whorehouses and its preposterous to even think that we as concerned citizens of this beautiful country will sit back and allow them to come into our community.Never in a million years,it wont happen.
    What we are trying to do is further enhance the experience of our loyal followers/visitors and entice or lure more of the same kind.If this is not our goal and that of all Anguillians then how can we expect our industry ,hence of economy to continue to grow? We are guardians of our country and has to be good stewarts in order to preserve the services we offer that are unique and absent fromother places in the world.

  12. Here are 58 comments by Anguilla visitors about the dolphins. Read for yourself how many of them are strongly against such exploitation:

  13. THis is what happens to American capitalist who impose their way on a small island. They came and plundered and got caught up in the allure of our hospitality. But you don't take adavantage of people and expect great rewards.

    As my great grandmother use to say, Anguilla is a strange island, the land always come back to the people. lol

    Sub prime market is affecting real estate sales all over. These investors belive the rich are stupid. Who would want to live at those properties on an island that has laws against private beaches. They could go to Dubai or Hawaii or polynesia. All they have down is screw up our image. It will take us years to get back on track.

    The last thing they wanated was for Anguillians to also start building high end villas. Now the market is flooded, congested and polluted.

    So if indeed this is true about the sales, this is good news for us. We can turn one of them into a University campus. Offshore university investors are looking for prime caribbean islands.

  14. What are we trying to accomplish here ?Our beaches are to remain public but the land on which these hotels are built private?If this is so then how do we expect investors to continue investing if they cannot guarantee the absolute privacy of their clientelle?Some of these high class visitors expect to be afforded their own privacy,some are recluses who want to remain anonymous,some are just out to have seclusionand privacy,some just want to be left alone- to be away from the everyday hustle and bustle .If this is not given they will look elsewhere.
    I know that all Anguillians want to preserve this public access to the beaches but it will eventually limit the growth of tourism and investors.Public access is good but it can stifle growth in terms of attracting high rollers who seek peace and tranquility.Where is the peace if evrybody can interupt is at will?Where is the tranquility is the public can intrude inmy private time?These are questions we have to pose to ourselves.
    We have many beaches at our disposal wher e we can make some concessions.Beaches like meads bay,Shoal bay, sandy ground ,cove ,blowing point etc.that are regular public areas should be protected but less used beaches might be consider in terms of becoming semi public ie.being public during certian seasons when the public will have full access.This is just my opinion and ofcourse im entitled to it however ridiculous it might seems to others.Perhaps it might be cause for open dialouge on the subject highlighting the pros and cons of such a measure.
    I am deeply concerned about the inability of investors to sell the villas they invested millions in.Im also concerned that thses properties will be come an eyesore on our landscape.If they are not sold who will be able to buy them out?Who will invest in them and what will be the cost of such a venture?Only we ,Anguillians will stand to loose from their failure.It is obvious that some plan of action is needed to assist these failing investments.

  15. You must be ViceRoy Sales officer. When investors came to Anguilla they should have familiarise themselves with AXA laws. And not try and highjacked them. All ANguilla beaches must remain private. If they don't like it, move on to another island to conquer. We will survive.

    By the way, even in the most elitist part of Califrnoia beach front, the beaches are public. The reason why the villas are not selling is beacsue they are overpriced.

    Greedy investors trying to take the rich for fools by pricing Villas that look like apartments and town homes for outrageous prices. Viceroy have spoil the name of Villa in Anguilla.

    Deceptive marketing leading people to believe they can sell condominiums in AXA when our laws prohibit condominiums. Anguilla is siuted for hotel model of tourism not this exclusive crap these greedy venture capitalist after.

  16. I bet that a poll will show that more than 90% of Anguillians and residents approve the access to the public to ALL beaches.

    There are two ways they can be taken from us. One is by threats ("Get off! This is a private beach!") and the other by intimidation (how many locals and residents feel comfortable about going to Maunday's Bay, or setting up their beach chair in from of Cuisinart in High Season)? Both of these are wrong. The way things are going (consider Sandy Point proposal, Alan Gumbs' development of all of Rendezvous Bay east of the Great House, etc) the only waterfront we'll have left wll be part of Caul's Pond. Without disturbing the rights of others I would like to see a group of beach lovers make a point to go to a different beach each week to enjoy each others company; a small group like that will also feel less intimidated than people going in 1's and 2's. If any one is interested in developing this idea, write back - I'm going to set up an account: axabeach6@hotmail.com

    I fully agree with what the person posting on 6 October at 0831 wrote, except presumably s/he did not mean to say "All ANguilla beaches must remain private" - prsumably the last word should have read "public"

  17. I just wanted to say that I have been very proactive on the beach access issue for several years. We make at least one pilgrimage a year to Maundays, Rendezvous right in front of Cuisinart, Shoal Bay West, Meads Bay right by Maliouhana etc. each year. We go as a group with a picnic, children, umbrellas, chairs, the whole 9. We used to do it at Little Harbour too. We have been thru the full gamut of threats and abuse. More than once the various resort security threatened calling the police if we didn't leave and we told them go ahead at which point they had to leave us alone. I wish more people would do this. It sends a strong and important message.

    As for jetskis, they destroy the reefs, dump incredible amounts of pollution into the waters and sound disgusting. No we do not need them in Anguilla. As for whorehouses, I don't know where you have been, but they have been on Anguilla for some time now. They are just kind of "hidden". As for more activities, I see that a very nice spa/health/art culture has been developing over the last few years. This seems to be very fitting with our island. I think further development of those types of things; yoga, natural medicine, meditation, art classes/shows, cooking classes, etc would be more in keeping with our vibe. Just my 2 c.

  18. Yes, I meant All the beaches must remain public.

    You made a good point. Also it might be helpful to also work with the hotels to design better access areas for the public to enjoy the beaches. They should have a clearly marked area to the beach with parking space so that people can easiliy enter and leave the beach area and property without being a annoyance to guests. It is when they try and exclude that there is so much tension between Hotel mangement and visitors. All they need to do is make the public acces away from the close vicinity of the hotel entrance.


    As to the person who claims ANguillians will lose, I say we have more to gain by VIceroy departure.

    What do we have to lose?

    1. Foreign contractors are building the proeprties.

    2. Over 90% of the laboureres and workers are immigrants.

    3. The Top Management employees are North Americans

    4. The Real Estate agents are foreign

    5. ALl the materials are imported duty free.

    6. They have their own reverse osmosis plant. NO need to buy water from us.

    8. They have not compensated Anguillian home owners in the area whose homes they have wrecked.

    9. They have disregarded our building laws and built right on the beach.

    Viceroy can close tomorrow and it will have no effect on the economy of Anguilla. Viceroy has posioned Anguilla good image in the international market and has brought nothing but tension to Anguilla.

    Again, I maintained only a blind home owner would want to take a risk and give Viceroy money for that congested piece of crap called Villas. For that same pirce they can get 3 acres of land and a mansion of Villa in other locations around the world.

    The first Anguilla sea surge and hurricanes and they wil say, we should have listened to the locals.
    Greed is what ruining Viceroy. I am not the least worried if they can't get their propeties sold. Look around AXa and you will find more properties that greedy real estate agents overpriced that have been on the market for over 10 years for the same price.

    I can eat SALT but I wil lose no sleep if Viceroy pack up and get out of Anguilla. Viceroy in Anguilla is an ecologically disaster.Go to Key West and the Hamptons . Anguilla is not an island for Black Tie events and private beaches.

  19. Condominiums are not illegal in Anguilla and you were the lawyer for what I believe was the first legal one, Carimar. Why are you allowing misinformation to be posted here without explanation from yourself? If we want misinformation we can go to anguillatalk.com or ask our government. We count on this site for learning the truth. We don't expect you to know everything but the legality of condos is a simple and objective matter. You can be a superb teacher when you feel like it. Maybe it's the rain, or the communication you got about the forthcoming Environmental Happy Show.

  20. Foreign investors are like small children -- both must be controlled. If Viceroy is building on the beach, what Anguillians gave them permission to do so, or have failed to stop them, or have failed to require the removal of such structures?

    Don't blame Viceroy for doing what we allow them to do.

  21. This is exactly the type of discussion that I intended to illict with my comments.I am not a Viceroy sales officer nor am i associated in anyway withthem,however,I just wanted to get Anguillians aware and catipulted into action.We are a people who are slow to act at times and need a push.I am all for public beach access and preservation of our land /beaches.Foreign investors cannot build any structure of any kind anywhere unless it is approved or sanctioned by Planningand Gov't.
    taking out our frustrations on these entities is childish because we know exactly who is to blame.
    Why complainabout foreign real estate companies,contractors,reverse osmosis etc,when we know who the culprit responsible it.
    We have to stand together enmasse to make the necessary corrections need to rectify this before its too late.We should not be afraid to act and let all investors know and understand what is allowed and what is not and that there will be no compromises.You see,when all is said and done they can return to wherever they came from but what will we do.We have nowhere to go.Its crucial to establish criteria and policy to control thiis and never allow others to circumvent it.
    Anguilla is our for always even if we go back to selling salt and fish.we will definitely survive,with out a doubt.
    Now that I have dialouge going continue to be proactive and let investors and Gov't kthis and make them comply with our wishes.

  22. The poster first proposes privatising some of our beaches for the exclusive use of rich foreigners and then claims to be "all for public beach access." This is nonsense. If I want my intelligence insulted I will go by Hubert and Teacher George.

    The poster admits that this suggestion may seem ridiculous to others. I have to agree with him there.

    He (the masculine includes the feminine) then says if investors spend millions on villas and can't sell them, "Only we ,Anguillians will stand to loose [sic] from their failure." People who lose millions won't lose anything? This is nonsense.

    He seems to advocate manadatory use of the public water supply for all the big new projects, although the public water supply clearly cannot serve its existing customers. Imagine people coming to Anguilla, spending $5000 a night on a villa and being given excuses about why they have no water. This is nonsense.

    Then he says "we have to stand together". Tell me one time, other than during the very early part of the Revolution, when Anguillians have stood together. Even our wonderful church leaders can't stand together. We have to have two separate Christian Councils, and still there are churches that won't join either one. I am sick of people telling me I have to stand together with others who are talking nonsense. I am sick of them, I am sick of government, I am sick of the opposition and I am sick of nonsense.

    He says I must do this "before it is too late." This is classic Teacher George, who has been telling me it's too late for 14 long years. I have news for George. Look around you. Behold, the time is neigh. It is already too late. Stop boring me with your nonsense.

    "Its [sic] crucial to establish criteria and policy" regarding investors, he says. I have bad news. The criteria and policy have already been established. The result is everywhere around us, for all to see. We have elected people to do that and they are doing it. To pretend otherwise, or to pretend anything truly significant about it can be changed, is nonsense.

    He announces that "even if we go back to selling salt and fish.we will definitely survive,with out a doubt." Yes, we will survive, but it will be like Montserrat or St. Helena, where most of the working age population has left their island to find work, leaving an island of children and old people and no tax base. This is nonsense.

    Between the lines I read "We will survive without white foreigners coming here with their money." This is pride talking, not intelligent thought. It is racist pride. It is nonsense.

    He ends by invoking the Vernol Bryan tactic of claiming to speak for all of us. "Now that I have dialouge going continue to be proactive and let investors and Gov't kthis and make them comply with our wishes." I'm not sure what he wants me to do. Demand that government give Meads Bay to Viceroy as I private beach, I guess, so they can sell their villas to foreigners who won't have to look at black people unless they are servants. "Nonsense" is too good a word for this.

    What really concerns me is that our schools are turning out people who believe such nonsense, and they are allowed to vote. If we don't correct what is happening in education we will wallow in the pit of nonsense forever and ever, blaming those we elect, blaming evil foreign investors, and begging the Lord to save us.

  23. Is it our schools turning this nonsense out? Or is it mediocre NOrth AMerican Universities that everyone seems to be running to. The Iranaian President attending an Ivy League, I don't know what next wil happen. We better start supporting caribbean institutions of learning.

    It is not young people with these outrageous views. It is the educated elite.

  24. What "educated elite" want to privatise our beaches and force high end visitors to go without water? Names please. People need to know where these brilliant ideas are coming from.

  25. Speaking of not calling names, I've been critical of "The Anguillain" in the past for not publishing names. On page two of the current issue is an article about the criminal cased to be heard this month by the visiting High Court Judge. The article includes names, not initials, of those charged. Lord, I thought for a moment I was in a real country! Nat Hodge occasionally awakens from his inoffensive stupor and acts like a real newspaperman.

    In the article immediately above that one there is an announcement that the cost of the paper will be raised a dollar from its present EC$2. I am happy to pay this if I can get some real news along with the annoying editorial comments in the news articles.

    Both in the paper and elsewhere I've read extremely favourable comments about a presentation by Alex Orchard at this week's Youth Conference. I'd like to suggest publishing this paper, instead of Alex's picture, or a long boring press release from the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange. Those following the market have better sources of information than The Anguillian. I know they're an advertiser, Nat. I know you must get more requests than a beautiful woman, but sometimes we just have to say "no."

    Doing the right thing takes courage at first, but you'll get used to it sooner than you think, Nat, and a lot of us will respect you more.

  26. At Temenos sales now total over US$280,000,000 (80% of the units have been purchased)! Those that claim Temenos is not selling are sadly mistaken.

  27. To theposter who laments about everything being nonsense and they are sick of it then why not find some place to go where you will be happy.You seems to be a deludional and pessimist person ,one that Anguilla can well do without.It is person as you who appear to be educated but use your intelect to analyse everything but never give a solution to our problems.The irony of it all is that you still want to stay in a place where you are sick of everything,perhaps you are just a really sick person.
    When things are in need of correction dialouge and solutions are needed.To voice one's opinion is democratic but to surpress that voice is absurd and undemocratic.
    This blog is to illict discussion on various issues and it is alright if some of us take a negative view to any topic the Hon. Mitchell poses.
    I guess that in his world communistic view are welcomed,blaming it on our education system is ridiculous and laughable where were you educated?in Mars?
    Dispite what you may think Angulillians do need to pull together for the country to prosper to think otherwise is stupid and yes 'nonsense'

  28. As is traditional in Anguilla, when our nonsense is exposed for all to see, we stop discussing what we were talking about and attack the person who has exposed us.

  29. As to the suggestion that there have not been any (or many) sales at Viceroy (or meaningful sales at Temenos), perhaps the existence of this blog should be pointed out to the Sales Directors of these organizations, who should be invited to comment.

    If they can factually correct the information given to Don and others, all well and good. Presumably whatever they say can also be checked out and verified by a search at Lands & Surveys.

    If they can't or won't correct the information given to Don and others within - say - a week, some would say that their silence would speak for itself.

  30. If sales at Flag and Viceroy are faltering, it should give Alan Gumbs and his family, among others, cause to pause for thought - maybe they are better off with what they have got. If places like Flag and Viceroy can't sell what they offer at the prices they are asking for, others would have the same problem.

    Otherwise it would be an example of the "One more idiot" theory at work.

  31. Can the pro-active beach goer who posted on October 06, 2007 at 10:49 AM please be so kind as to drop an e-mail to axabeach6@hotmail.com - we may be able to hook up or generate more interest - Thanks

  32. With great trepidation and disgust, I occasionally read the tourist forum. From what I have been reading there the last few years, due to these developments, we are going to lose the majority of our loyal visitors who have been coming multiple times a year for 15 and 20 years. Not only are they getting priced out, but they are disgusted with the changes as well. Lets keep in mind that these long time visitors patronize our local businesses. The people who potentially might buy these luxury units will spread zero $ around our community. We will truly end up living out Noam Chomsky's prophecy of the prosperous few and the restless many.

  33. The tourist forum is merely a place for some tourists to vent. Like anywhere else in the world these select few are not happy with change. Change that will have a meaningful outcome for us, not the tourists. For every tourist complaining of the changes being made there will be 10 new tourists coming in that will actually have a lot of money they are willing to spend in our economy.

  34. where will these new tourists spend their money? Most likely in one of the five new restaurants at Viceroy, or the three at Temenos, or the four at Conch Bay, or the three at the new Rendezvous? Or maybe at the four at the Tides on Meads Bay? Or maybe at one of the three at Tides Savannah Bay? How amny Anguillians will work at these places? How many will continue working where they currently work? What will they be paid? Who are these new tourists who will replace the ones that were spending $400/night at Cinnamon Reef, Sonesta and Blue Waters and can afford $1000/night at the new places. I'm afraid we have priced ourselves out of the reality market and we are dreaming if we think we will be able to fill, just because they're there, 5000 new hotel rooms at a premium price.

    And for the poster above who claims that Temenos is almost sold out and has 280 million - I can only say that if you belive that, I have a bridge you should look at up in Brooklyn. I'll sell it to you real cheap.


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