24 September, 2007

No News

No News Is Good News. Well, here I am back in Anguilla. Grenada was a revelation over the weekend. The entire Court of Appeal was there, together with the local judges. Following the official opening of the new Law Year on Thursday, there was the Third Annual Law Fair on the Friday. Sir Anthony Clark, Master of the Rolls, made an interesting presentation on the new Rules of Court. The di Mambro team was there to back him up. The Grenada government is so antagonistic to the legal and judicial system that they, in essence, boycotted the Law Fair. The PM did not turn up to any function, even the Governor General’s cocktail party. Nor did either AG, de jure or de facto. Those of you in the know will know what I mean. Those of you who don,t, don’t need to know. The Minister of Justice and of Education turned up for the opening of the Law Year. That was very brave of her. I fear that she will not gain any Brownie points with the PM. Anguilla failed to make an appearance at the Bar Council meeting held on the Saturday. Not for the first time in recent years.

Back in Anguilla, I have been through the email that has accumulated in my Inbox. Lots on the Chagossians, and on the Camanians, and the Saints. But, nothing new about Anguilla. Well, that is a good sign, I suppose. Things must be quieting down.

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