27 July, 2007

Kor Realty Group

Viceroy Partying. Viceroy is having a party today, Friday, July 27th, at 5:00 pm at the Viceroy Sales Centre on Meads Bay. I know they're allowed to have a party. It seems inappropriate for them to celebrate themselves given the events of the past month concerning them. Perhaps some of my readers would like to attend this event and maybe take some pictures. Send them to me. We can show all of Anguilla how they play while Anguilla (and the Indians) suffer. Meads Bay beach is a public beach. Will government officials be at the party?

Bradford Korzen, CEO and principal of the Kor Group, is reported to have been on Anguilla Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. He is said to have had a three hour meeting with the Chief Minister on Wednesday. If so, will the CM report on what was talked about?


  1. "Kor’s over-all strategy relies greatly on public relations."

    Maybe so. But Kor has been the worst public relations disaster seen in Anguilla since that of Colonel Bradshaw.

  2. "As a hotel industry leader in creativity and innovation, our hotels draw upon the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our workforce for continued success."

    18th century Anguillian plantation owners at least had the decency not to claim that their slaves' "backgrounds and perspectives" were responsible for their success.

  3. "Freedom and true emancipation will only be achieved by a united people with leadership committed to the well-being of everyone in our community."
    --Dr. Lowell Lewis, Chief Minister of Montserrat, Emancipation Day, 2004

  4. "When the strong help the weak, it makes us all stronger. Call it ‘the driving power of social conscience’, call it 'the better angels of our nature’, call it ‘our moral sense’, call it a belief in ‘civic duty’." --New UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, 24 June 2007

    Note to Mr. Korzen: We Anguillians have a word for it too: “Justice”.

  5. Are the buildings shown in the artist's rendition 4-stories high? Viceroy has already built-up the land to an unnatural height; will it now be permitted to build 4-stories above the land? Does their plan show that height? Has Government approved that height? Whatever became of maximum of 2-stories (I know, long-since abandonned).

    That Viceroy owns government is pathetic; that it is willing to be so conspicuous about it is infuriating.

  6. "Aiding those who have suffered through [the 2004 tsunami] in a timely and effective manner is a concern shared by all. Kor Hotel Group wants to do its part for international communities in need."


  7. Looks like a hurricane waiting to blow it to smithereens. They will learn the hard way, why those investsors who rely on the Anguillian undertsanding of the climate conditions of Anguilla suffered limited lost when the 150mph winds blow in.

    The true test of those apartments ( that's what they look like) will be soon.

    AFter Hurricane Ivan in Cayman Islands, we knew which properties were devasted for almost 2 years. Americvans alwats think they know everything. AFter Hurricane Luis, How many Anguillian rwsorts remain down for over 2 years?

  8. Ineresting that someone would bring up hurricanes as I was going to wrote to Don and ask about this as well. Having viewed the Viceroy site recently, I wonder what preparations have been made in the event of a hurricane. The tall cranes are a disaster waiting to happen and the construction materials scattered all over (pipes, steel, wood, etc) are missles waiting to be blown about. Not to mention the dozens of trailers (offices, sales centres and Inadian housing) that are not anchored down. We have residents complaining about dust and vibrations already - wait until the winds blow! Where will the Indians go? Are they planning on having them ride out a hurricane like Luis or Lenny in a trailer!? I certainly hope there are no hurricanes in Anguilla this season but we should always be prepared. Could government ask the Viceroys and the Temenos' to define their plans for the gerneral public? Perhaps they could take out another full page ad in the Anguillian that outlines their disaster plans and what they intend to do to assist the community if an event should happen - hopefully they can take the efforts they made for the victims of the tsunami and apply them right here - in their new home - to show some goodwill for a change.

  9. I hope the Government will attend the party. Then they can take turns looking through the telescope for a close up view of the dolphin pool pumping gallons of "waste" directly into the ocean. And THEN with any luck the Govt will realise that all this waste will soon be swirling around in Blowing Point.

  10. I hope there is no hurricane this year, but I have been saying for a long time that a hurricane is exactly what will put an abrupt halt to all these problems we are currently experiencing. The newcomers, be them villa or house owners or purchasers of Temenos or Viceroy units are not capable of dealing with a hurricane and its aftermath. They will flee. Nuff said.


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