28 July, 2007

House of Assembly

Publishing the Order Paper.

On page 7 of Friday’s St Helena Independent you will find the Order Paper for that day’s session of their Legislative Council:

I have never before seen such a thing in an OT newspaper. Here in Anguilla is it rare for The Anguillian or The Herald to give any advance notice of a meeting of the House of Assembly, unless they are meeting for some boring ceremony. I have never known why. My hope that things would be different when David Carty became Speaker has not been rewarded.

Presumably Anguillian Order Papers are a State Secret!

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  1. St. Helena's constitution, traditions and system of governance makes it the most dictatorial and authoritarian of all the inhabited Overseas Territories. The Governor runs everything, the elected representatives are little more than an advisory committee that he barely tolerates, and the island is run like a real colony.

    It is thus a measure of how bad things are in Anguilla that from here, St. Helena looks like a model of open government to us.


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