28 September, 2010


The vast majority of the people of the TCI welcome the temporary suspension of their Constitution. The evidence is plain to be seen in the following video:

         The demonstration appears to have been mounted to protest Minister Bellingham's announcement of the delay of the general elections and the restoration of a revised Constitution until after the investigation and prosecution process has advanced further.
         The small number of the followers of the discredited politicians present at this “spontaneous” demonstration shows how few TC Islanders support the avaricious political aspirants of that unfortunate country.
         The pre-printed signs and posters that the demonstrators are holding, put a lie to any suggestion that this was a spontaneous "human rights demonstration".
         And, what is Michael Misick doing wearing a Cap Juluca hat from Anguilla?
        What thuggery!


  1. Misick was not only TCI's recent Chief Minister, but Minister of Tourism. What would people say if Hubert went to an AUM political meeting wearing a hat from a beach resort that competes with those in Anguilla? Very strange behaviour.

  2. In the advertising business they say that any publicity is good publicity. But I wonder how Cap Juluca's Adam Aron feels about these unindicted thugs promoting his hotel.

  3. I remember seeing Premiere Misick in Anguilla a few years ago. He was traveling with Bob Johnson and made the rounds for a few days. It was the same time Mr. Johnson was talking about building a marina in the Sandy Ground salt pond.

  4. This discussion is not how Misick might have acquired an Anguilla hat, but the appropriateness of his wearing it at a TCI political demonstration.

  5. who the hell cares - get a life

  6. Please comment on the legality of the speakers' actions.

  7. I'm sorry, I cannot comment on the legality of the Speaker's actions. I have been in St Lucia for the past three days and missed the action. I only know what I have read.

  8. To Mr. Mitchell:-

    The Anguilla Constitution provides that:-
    " 50.
    (3) When the Assembly first meets after a general election and before it proceeds to the despatch of any other business except the election of the Speaker, it shall elect a member of the Assembly other than an elected member to be Deputy Speaker of the Assembly; ………"

    The only other non-elected member would be the second nominated member.

    Almost 8 months after the general election THE GOVERNOR has not appointed the second nominated member, who is usually the deputy speaker.

    Is that the Governor's and by extention the British view of good GOVERNANCE?

    (A concerned Anguillian)

  9. I'm listening to The Mare Show. I learn that all [every one, without exception] Chinee business should be closed at once, and that Chinese are like termites.

    Then Pam called in and said what a wonderful programme they're having today.

  10. I won't bother you with the details, but yesterday both Bermuda Premier Dr. Ewart Brown and CARICOM came out against Bellingham's announcement elections in TCI would have to be delayed.

    Bellingham gave a lot of reasons, but the real one is the fear that Misick and Co. would buy enough votes to regain power.

    This means that the other Caribbean OTs, including Anguilla, are siding with Misick, the Misick apologists and the Misick opposition (all of whom are on the same ethical level, IMHO).

  11. Perhaps England should have postponed her own election too. A few criminals are being prosecuted there as well, but no one is holding the entire nation to ransom.

    10 months to organize election is more than enough. The British are just looking for excuses to annex TCI indefinitely.

    Please stop confusing the issues.

  12. In view of what happened several years ago when another Governor appointed David Carty as a Nominated Member, Governor Harrison is trying to be fair to both the ruling party and the opposition by seeking suggestions for a Second Nominated Member that everyone can find acceptable. I really don't see that the country is disintegrating because no one's been appointed yet.

    But the pro-independence opportunists grab every opportunity to throw another anti-British tantrum. It is tiresome.

  13. The scare mongers continue their moronic lies about the UK wanting to take over Anguilla. They join CARICOM and the Bermuda Premier in supporting Godshouter Michael Misick and his unindicted co-conspirators in TCI. They claim that postponing the UK election is evidence of this, and all the Governors and Ministers have been lying to us for the past 25 years when they say if the people want independence the UK will support them.

    Lord Nigel Jones has been extremely critical of HMG's takeover of TCI. But quite suddenly this week, he has reversed his position, as reported in this TCI Weekly News article by Paul Baker: http://tinyurl.com/2dj2xtw

    Lord Jones says election delay “very sad”

    A LEADING British politician has described the decision to delay elections in the TCI as “very sad”.
    But Lord Nigel Jones insists the shock announcement proves the UK’s new coalition Government is “sitting up and taking notice” of the country’s plight.
    The Liberal Democrat peer, who is vice-chairman of the cross party TCI Group, told the Weekly News: “The decision to delay the elections is very sad, but I am glad that our new coalition Government has not just ignored the TCI in the first few months of office.
    “Perhaps parliamentary questions have helped to focus the mind of the new Overseas Territories Minister, Henry Bellingham, and I suspect further questions will be necessary to ensure the TCI gets proper attention.
    “As to whether I think it’s the right decision, it’s hard to say. I have not been in TCI for some years, have not spoken to the Minister and have not spoken to either the Governor or special prosecutor, so it is difficult to make that kind of judgement.
    “But I do want to probe the Minister when the House of Lords resumes after the summer recess in October. I promise to do that for the people of the TCI, and if they particularly want me to ask specific questions I will be pleased to hear from anyone.”
    Speaking at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Liverpool this week, Lord Jones said he suspects the postponement is due to a lack of progress in the investigation into alleged corruption among TCI’s previous administration.
    He added: “Yes I’m sure that is one of the main reasons. I suspect the fact that some politicians who wish to stand in future elections were named in the original inquiry into the conduct of the previous administration, makes life a little tricky.
    “Britain’s deputy-Prime Minister Nick Clegg made that point in his recent interview in the Weekly News.
    “The important thing now is for the special prosecutor, Helen Garlick, to conclude her investigations so that these people can either be prosecuted or have their names cleared. And the sooner the better.”
    Despite fears to the contrary locally, Lord Jones does not believe that an election date will now drag on for months, even years.
    “No I don’t think it will drag and drag,” he explained. “It's up to all of us who want to see TCI back and functioning with local people in charge to keep up the pressure for the legal process to be brought to an end and, if necessary, for court action to take place.
    “It’s also up to us all to ensure that elections be prepared for and properly monitored, perhaps by Commonwealth representatives who are good at that kind of thing.”

  14. Meantime, Bermuda’s Premier Dr. Brown..... said he was “deeply saddened by the continuing, dreadful delay in restoring full democratic rights to the people of Turks and Caicos Islands.”

    In a media statement, Brown said: “Historically governments and government leaders throughout the world that have taken the step of suspending free, democratic elections have been roundly condemned and sanctioned. If this were to occur in Zimbabwe for example, the world and the UK government in particular would refer to the move as barbaric and characterize its government as a cruel dictatorship.

    The Premier continued, “Bermudians and the people of Turks and Caicos share deep historical and familial ties and it is my fervent hope that free elections and a government duly elected by the people will be quickly restored to that country.”

    Last month the UK Minister for Overseas Territories, Henry Bellingham, during a visit to the TCI, said that the delay would allow time for further important work to take place on public financial management and good governance reform on the island and will allow for the reforms to become fully embedded.

    "The UK Government has considered all the Interim Government’s work over the past 12 months; all the challenges that remain, not least economic stability; and, taking all of these factors into account, we have decided that the elections will not take place in July 2011,” he said.

    Sections of the TCI Constitution were suspended on August 14, 2009 following a Commission of Inquiry report into allegations of corruption in the country.

  15. The editors of the TCI Journal commented this morning on Dr. Brown's support of Michael Misick, as follows:

    "In our sister Overseas Territory of Bermuda we find some of the same personalities and developers who helped fund Michael Misick’s extravagant lifestyle also appearing in controversial situations and resort developments involving Dr. Ewart Brown, the Premier of Bermuda. Is it any wonder that Dr. Brown has constantly come out in support of Michael Misick and continues to do so to this day in the face of overwhelming evidence of massive and undeniable corruption by Misick?"


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