09 December, 2009


Most of the past 14 days I have spent out of Anguilla.

I am out of touch with the latest developments in the realms of integrity, transparency and accountability in the public life of Anguilla.

So, tell me, is anything happening with the Bar's reaction to the proposal to appoint the retiring Commissioner of Police to fill the vacant post of Magistrate?

Has the Minister of Finance yet announced how much money and land was given to the persons in George Hill who were compensated for the airport extension affecting their properties, as he has long promised to do?

Has government borrowed the $20 million the British said we could do on certain conditions?

Have the local banks continued their moratorium on selling properties that had been put up as securities for loans that have now gone into default as a result of the massive lay offs that have occurred?

I return tomorrow morning, LIAT cooperating.

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  1. When I wrote about the unfriendly welcome at customs, I was rebuffed by a gentleman who said everyone is very nice to tourists there. here is a report from another tourist who shares my observations, not just about immigration but of the staff at Anguilla's premier resort, Cap Juluca. Are we about to kill the goose???


  2. It is true about meeting unfriendly persons at points of Entry in Anguilla. The sad thing is that most of those are not Anguillans. This insane government, which has ruled for the past nine years, has employed foreigners in the most sensitive positions imaginable: Customs, Security and immigration. Jamaicans, Vincentians, Dominicans etc.

    That is the United Front's vote of confidence in Anguillians. Banishing them to the unemployment lines.

    Apparently Viceroy laying off Anguillians quietly so that they can hire Americans and Philipinos. Good job AUF!

    Under this Regime non Anguillians have fared quite well. Cannot say the same about Anguillans though.

  3. If you're lucky, you'll make it home for the holidays ;) - Scotty


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