20 June, 2008


UK Chagos Support Association. The UK Chagos Support Association has just circulated this notice. I thought you would want to know, in case any of you will be in London in late June.

As you probably already know, the Foreign Office Appeal to the House of Lords begins on Monday 30th June. If anyone wants to show support for the Chagossians, they will be meeting up from 9.00 outside the Houses of Parliament to attend the hearing.”

One of the most egregious continuing abuses of colonial power in recent years appears to be about to receive the death blow. The chickens are coming home to roost.

Great ferment has recently been stirred up in Anguilla over the continuing existence of “orders in council”. Given that the abuse in question revolved around the use of an order in council to deport the citizens and residents of Diego Garcia to make space for a US military base in the middle of the Indian Ocean, I am sure that all of us in Anguilla will be following the argument with some anticipation.

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