05 July, 2007


Subscribe to email updates: A new service. I had to face it. Not every reader wants to visit the Blog every day. The weekly Sitemeter statistics said on Monday that I had an average of 225 readers each day last week. They read on average 4 different posts on each visit. That is, there are probably 1,000 readers who visit every four days, and read the latest post and three back issues. The average reader does not visit every day. There is a variety of reasons. Not everyone has their broad band turned on 24/7. Not everyone is sitting as comfortably as you at the office computer catching up on the gossip on AnguillaTalk and this Blog. Some use the office computer only for work. Others are traveling. Some have other reasons why they may not have access to their computer ever day. Yet, they would like to read the posts daily, as they go up on the Blog.

Everyone checks email at least once per day. Some, like me, check several times a day. What better way for those persons to read the daily [well nearly daily!] posts than to be able to receive them automatically by email?

So, if you feel the need, or are just adventurous, go to the bottom of the right hand column on this page. There you will find a box with “Email Subscriptions powered by FeedBlitz”. Enter your email address, and click “Submit”. Follow the simple instructions. Give yourself a password. [Note it down. You will need it if you ever want to cancel the subscription.] Fill in the “image verification process”. Click on “Subscribe me.” Check your email “inbox” for your subscription activation email. You will need to click the link in your email to start your subscription.

Happy reading! Don’t forget to send me a comment or two. On any post that piques your interest!


  1. Is this an additional feature? or a replacement? Will those who prefer to read the Blog daily still be able to do so? Or will email be the only vehicle?

    At this point, I prefer to read the Blog rather than weed through my emails. But I will do so if that's the only option.

    Thanks for your energy and commitment.

  2. I am sorry. I was not very clear. It is entirely optional. The daily Blog will still be up. The email comes without the photos or graphics. So, the full glory of each post will be missed by those who only read the email!

  3. Mr Mitchell, we would do whatever we need to do to have the blog, because we have to be objective, and we need to know what is happening around us both nationally, regionally and internationally. Politics is our life. We can not exist in our own comfort zone and forget everything else what is happening.

  4. I am going to keep publishing the Blog until I run out of things to say. The email service is for those who prefer to get an email rather than visit the website every day.

    Don’t forget to let me know what is going on in your circle, when you consider that an issue of integrity in public life has been raised. I depend on being kept abreast of public events by members of the public. I only have a limited amount of information at my disposal.

    Let me hear from you at anticrook115@yahoo.co.uk


  5. Mr. Mitchell:

    I come to your site daily...it's my equivalent of the "morning paper" for an area that has none.

    Thank you so much for what you do....the information, the perspective, the honesty, and the "speaking-truth-to-power" are just what we need.


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