01 July, 2007

Slum Development

Slum at Mariners. Whatever happened to Anguilla? First, I learn about our importation and use of slave labour. Human trafficking was not enough. Now, we have to turn a derelict hotel into Anguilla’s first slum?

The dolphin prison people imported Mexican slaves into Anguilla to relocate their pens and animals from Barnes Bay to Sandy Ground. Where to house them? Why, in the abandoned hotel at Sandy Ground, of course. The fact that the buildings are rat holes, there is no electricity or water, no sewage disposal, no kitchen facilities, are not a problem. It is not as if we have any health regulations in Anguilla. Here, there is no one with the authority or credibility to insist that minimum standards are maintained. Besides, they are Mexicans, hardly human beings at all. So, have a look at the photos below. This is how we allow their employers to house and maintain them. Click on any photo to see the scene in its full glory.

Great going, Anguilla. Chalk up another victory for crass profits over humanity. Anguilla leads the way again.


  1. This appears to be the hotel presently under the management of something called Mariners Management Ltd. I understand that all of the shares in this company are owned by Dr. Louis Bardfield.

    Where there's a slum, there's a slumlord. I would like Dr. Bardfield to assist us in learning who he believes is really responsible for these shameful conditions.

  2. And we wonder why we attract so many low wage labourers.

    Check out this at:http://www.workabroad.ph/report_job_listing.php?ajid=70886

    [ Recruiter's Profile ]
    POEA License No. : POEA-051-LB-100906-PL-e
    Address : G/F Catalina Bldg., 9 New York St. Corner E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Cubao Quezon City 1111
    Tel. No. : (02) 723-8646

    3 Construction Workers / Masons
    Work Site: Caribbean, Anguilla
    Opening Date: Jun 30, 2007 Closing Date: Sep 30, 2007
    For Manpower Pooling Only. No Fees shall be collected from the

    Prospective Principal/Project L.I.
    Qualifications Gender : M/F
    Age : any
    Education : any
    Yrs. of Experience : 3 yr(s)
    Skills Required:

    General Construction Workers and Masons
    Urgently needed in the Caribbean Island of Anguilla
    Concrete and Masonry skills
    Experienced with good work in Rebar, Concrete forming
    Salary: $1,200.00/month
    Term: 6-8 months
    Housing and basic medical care provided
    Send Biodata/CV/Resume to int.bio@gmail.com
    Indicate on email subject line position and country applying for. Ex. "Construction Worker / Anguilla"

    Or bring Biodata/CV/Resume print-out (and soft copy on floppy disk or thumb drive) and visit our office at

    International Staffing Registry
    Ground Floor, Catalina Bldg.
    9 New York St. corner E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave.
    Cubao, Quezon City 1111, Metro Manila
    Tel.: (02) 723-8646
    Mobile: 09185310106, 09152028307

  3. This embarrassing incident is being featured today on Global Voices:

    Let's hope Judy Bardfield's country club friends in Massachusetts don't see this.

  4. this property is owned by Sir Emile Gumbs....even more embarassing.

  5. The property is under a lease. Sir Emile has no more control over this mess than you or I do.


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