08 July, 2007


Meet the Chairman. A couple of interesting things happened to me last week. Perhaps the most curious was when I met the gentleman who used to head up the company Jem Homes. Roy something. I did not catch the name. You will remember I wrote about Jem Homes on 1 March in the post I called NICA 8. That was the company that Kennedy Hodge invested US$50,000.00 of money that belonged to NICA. He made a mistake. He had really meant to invest his own money. The money was lost when Jem Homes was wound up. It was NICA’s money that was lost. Jem Homes was supposedly going to build a housing project on NICA’s land at Lockrum Estate. But, that’s another story.

The point of this post is to introduce you to the new Chairman of the Board of NICA. Yes, the upshot of the meeting was that I was offered the chairmanship of the Board of Directors of the new company that is going to replace NICA. It turns out that not only is NICA still struck off the Register of Companies. Its Board of Directors is no longer authorized. They have no authority to do anything. It seems some shareholders will be calling a meeting and appointing a new Board. Or, they might pass a resolution to wind up the company.

Chairmanship of the new company that is going to replace NICA! What new company is going to replace NICA, you ask? Well we will have to wait and see. Chairman of the Board! Sounds grand! There is only one problem with this plan. It is the shareholders who elect the Board of Directors of their company. It is the directors who decide who is their Chairman. Nobody else can offer you such a position. I am told it is all wrapped up and agreed.

Funny that not a single one of the shareholders has spoken to me about this promotion that I am being offered!

What do you think?


  1. I'll vote for you, but only if you agree to pursue civil and/or criminal action, as you may deem appropriate, against anyone who benefitted wrongly from the assets of NICA.

  2. I think you should run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. This is all one big con job. Who is going to fall for this?

  3. If, indeed, NICA is "one big con job", then you are exactly the right person to investigate further and report to the victim-shareholders.

  4. It makes sense for Roy to reappear at this time on the NICA scene. After all he made an easy US$50,000.00 out of NICA when he was last here a few years ago. In addition to whatever he made out of Kennedy and Mark VAnterpool. He probably thinks that Anguillians are easy marks. Worth another try.

  5. Does anybody know who this Roy chap is?

    He said he had been in the construction business in the USA for the past 20-odd years. He said he had his own finance company, in addition to various construction businesses in Texas and elsewhere. He had constructed some 200 homes in St Thomas after it was devastated by a Hurricane, presumably Marilyn. With his system, he could put up a house in 10 days, guaranteed. He had approvals from Planning for his proposed project at Lockrums Estate. He had good understandings with Val Banks at NBA for financing, and the Chief Minister, and the Minister of Finance for government approvals. The Minister of Public Works was anxious for him to begin a project in Anguilla.

    He carefully did not give me a business card. He showed me no documentation to prove anything he said. He had a large bundle of papers in front of him, but all he did was try to impress by dropping names of important people he was on first name terms with.

    I would like to research him, but cannot with my present state of ignorance about his details and particulars. Does anyone know what the name of any of his alleged companies is? His name might come up on a search of the internet as well. It will be even more interesting if it does not appear at all!

  6. In his forensic audit, Mr Thomas reported that Kennedy only realised that the Jem Homes house plans were completely inappropriate for Anguilla after he had invested the US$50,000.00.

    Why would we want to give him any money to have him put up any house in Anguilla?

  7. Don,

    I am trying to help. But I need much more to go on than just JEM homes. Do you know Roy full name? Call up Kennedy see if he can help us out. lol

    I will be on Roys' tail. But I need more.

  8. J E M Homes
    (940) 484-6144
    1000 Autumn Oak Dr
    Denton, Texas 76209

    There isn't much on the internet. I found this, but i'ts not really helpful:
    JEM Homes is mentioned in this stupidness about the mythical
    Pacific island Dominion of Melchizedek.

  9. A contact tells me that he claims to go under the name "Roy Dan". A Google search of that name did not pick up a relevant citation. Would that not be unusual for such a prominent US builder?

    I forgot to mention earlier that one of his claims to me on Friday last was that for the past 17 years he has given evidence in hundreds of valuation disputes before appeal boards and courts all over the USA, and his clients have won 90% of them. So, he is an acknowledged expert in land and building value issues all over the USA. I would have thought that his name would turn up somewhere on the internet if that was true.

  10. Sounds "fishy."

    Also, unrelated to this topic, would that mean that you would stop writing your daily blog? Oh nooo......!

  11. Out of Curiosity how much money is left in the bank accounts of Nica today, do they have any assets, who are the authorized signators....

    can their be a class action suit in anguilla by the shareholders against the missapropiators....

  12. NICA owns the building leased to the rum factory, and 36.7 acres at Gibbons Estate. Or they did before the board of directors stupidly allowed the company to be struck off the register of companies.

  13. Do not be foolish Mr Mitchell, this man knows people like to know they are promoted, and people also kill for promotion. But you do not have any time with their promotion. Your blog is the only thing we look forward to reading daily, to know what is happening, no Anguillian paper, no Anguilla talk, as fo me the only way I spend money on the Anguillian paper when
    Colville Petty is writing his piece.

  14. The 9:13 AM writer thinks you are too stupid not to be used by some mysterious "them," who are promoting some evil agenda that only the writer can see. The liquidation of NICA's assets? Who are "they" and how do they control the NICA board without being on it?

    The ignorance of some people is exceeded only by their paranoia. If, in this proposed exalted position, your head swells to such great size that your feet leave the ground, I am confident that the sensible Mrs. Mitchell will bring you down to earth.

  15. NICA has been operating the Anguilla Bookstore as if NICA were a charitable foundation and not a business with investors interested in making money. Part of the problem is that a couple of the board members were also the people who work at the bookstore. So if the bookstore is shut down they loose their jobs. This is a conflict of interest, and the NICA investors suffer because of it.


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