20 June, 2007

Conflicts of Interest

Duties of Directors. Someone has reported to me an astonishing thing. The two indigenous banks are building branch offices in the West End. A director of one of them has recently allegedly made a large illegal profit. He supposedly purchased a lot of land cheaply. He then sold it to his bank for a large profit. That would be a very wrong thing for a director to do. It reminds me of a story going the rounds a few years ago. A director of one of our public utilities supposedly purchased a lot of land in The Valley. He then sold it on to his utility company at a goodly profit. It is probably, like so many of our scandalous stories, a complete fabrication.

Can such a thing really happen in Anguilla? I would like to think that no board member would behave like that. I would especially like to think that no properly advised Board of Directors would permit such shady practices to happen.

What do you think? Are you in possession of the facts? Would you like to share them? Now is your chance. Make sure to send me evidence that I can check before you get me into trouble. No anonymous gossip please.


  1. Someone has brought to my attention a recent commentary by Earle Clarke on the outbreak of the Anguilla Revolution from the St Kitts Labour Party point of view. It is published at SKNVibes

  2. I can imagine it happening in Anguilla. What is to stop....say the Registrar of Lands pawning off his own land and brining his deal to the front of the pile? What is wrong with us? Have we forgotten what it means to be a proud Anguillian? I certainly have not. I am a believer that the integrity of our community will still shine true....well optimistically one day!



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