26 June, 2007


Leadership Qualities in Bermuda. A correspondent recently sent me a remarkable article. It comes from the Royal Gazette of Bermuda. It is a newspaper, not the same thing as our Official Gazette. It contains a scathing indictment of the Premier and the Governor. The story of the investigation of the Premier for being involved in stealing money out of the Housing Corporation is now well known. The police have written a report on his involvement. The Premier has gone to court in an attempt to squash the story. The island’s Auditor General has been arrested for leaking the story to the press. It is very sordid. But, what really caught my interest was this quote from the article:

The Bermudian capacity for self-deception is staggering. So long as affluence provides its anaesthetising padding, why should any of us be impacted by dishonest representatives, when an honest one has become so increasingly rare.

Why worry about integrity or morality? Have these become not just outdated meaningless words, but dispensable qualities? We live in a society with one of the world’s highest per capita incomes, but one of the lowest educational standards.

We accept the continuing rape of our land for its commercial rather than intrinsic value. We are reliant on an industry that wouldn’t have the slightest hesitation in relocating if its profitability were more advantageous elsewhere.

Isn’t it clearly time to clean up our mess? Shouldn’t we dispense with those who are besmirched by their greed and disgraceful intent? Shouldn’t we think about encouraging those who are honest, whose work is genuine and whose aim is to produce long-term benefits for this island and for every individual who lives here?

Just replace “Bermuda” with “Anguilla” in the first paragraph. Do we see some relevance?


  1. Isn't that the truth, let the politicians spend a regular day at a school, when there is no running water, and its 85+ outside and there is no air co, and having to teach to groups of 30 and sometimes more students. The whole situation is just preparing students to work at the menial jobs and not to strive to be the best. Instead they go and sit in their nice little offices with water and air co.

  2. The school system has failed thanks to the politicians. How can children go through a school system and can not even read and write. In this day and age, every child might not have gone to scholl but very rare children left 8th standard without being able to read and write to some degree. The politicians are comfortable, they are all about driving thier vehicles, eating, partying getting all the lime light, what do they have to care? People need to realize they do not care, just look at who they are developing Anguilla and you would see how they care? This charade has trickled all through Anguilla, I only care about me, myself and I. All their cronies are the same, they care about themselves, God bless some of the children who does really well under such circumstances,and I do not know how the teachers can teach in such poor environment, I feel sorry for them so much. Long before lunch time the rooms are so hot and the children are hot and disagreable and while this is happening, Cronies and politicians are quite comfortable.

  3. Ask an Anguillian politician ,what is development? I am sure most of them would say construction and buyildings. That is not true development,but rahers the human development is the most important. the empowerment of the people, who are your greatest assets. Obviously, they do not know because the development is for them personally. The whole of the Caribbean are laughing at us and calling them foolish.

  4. exactly the same problem in Bermuda,while highly paid bureaucrats sip champagne,the system decays and children become what we call wall-sitters.

  5. In the 1890s and very early 1900s a number of Anguillians migrated to Bermuda, possibly to work in construction on Royal Navy projects there. They brought with them two things that remain there today: a few of our Anguillian family names and a phrase that may have originated in Anguilla, where young men are said to be "sitting on the wall."

    True fax.


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