29 May, 2007

Environmental Hazards

World Environment Day. Clarence Pilgrim of the Caribbean Conservation Association reminds us that World Environment Day is commemorated each year on 5 June. This day is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action. The 2007 slogan is Melting Ice - a Hot Topic? This theme focuses on the effects that climate change is having on polar ecosystems and communities, and the ensuing consequences around the world.

In time, we in Anguilla will notice the consequences of melting ice. Presently, there are a few more immediate concerns. They are going to be the topics of a few posts over the next few days. I don’t pretend to have any answers, only some questions. They include, in no particular order:

Is the Corito Dump safe, or is it an environmental time bomb?

Do you know what happens to the contents of your septic tank when you pay to have it emptied?

Do you have any idea where or how the public hospital disposes of hospital waste?

Do you care whether Anglec, mechanics’ garages, or gas stations dump waste used oil?

Do you know how to make a complaint to the Environmental Health Unit?

Does the EHU have the necessary laws and regulations to be able to enforce measures internationally accepted as necessary to protect the public health?

Is the major environmental hazard in Anguilla at this time the power of ExCo to override decisions of the Planning Department?

Can the Environmental Health Unit function effectively when the major polluters are the biggest contributors of “political campaign funds” to the politicians?

Why don’t we enforce the Litter Law?

If you have any ideas or complaints about any or all of these areas, please send me an email or telephone me. I am doing the research at present, but find some governmental agencies very reluctant to share information. I know it is probably paranoid of me, but it is almost as if everyone has something to hide.

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  1. A brief comment on the litter issue: The plethora of roadside bins certainly provides the public an opportunity to dispose of garbage in a responsible manner. Unfortunately, not all depositors are budding NBA stars, and seem to miss the bins completely. I commend those who are charged with emptying the bins with picking up a lot of the "near misses"!

    A more costructive suggestion I would offer would be for the placement of garbage bins at strategic locations adjacent to our beaches. I would gladly pick up litter from the sea, as well as that dropped by inconsiderate beach-goers if there was a trash bin nearby. Garbage is a terrible eyesore (and health hazard) and is highly visible on our beaches. This would be especially helpful at remote beach locations, even even if they were only picked up every couple of weeks or so.


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