10 May, 2007

Crime 4

The Anguilla Situation. We are looking at the World Bank report “Crime, Violence and Development: Trends, Costs and Policy Options in the Caribbean” published on 3 May. It is essential reading for any concerned Anguillian. You can get it by clicking here.

The report helps us to understand that we cannot rely on the criminal justice system to reduce crime in Anguilla. Organised crime, drug and firearms trafficking, illicit gambling, prostitution, are generally impervious to prevention initiatives. Influential businessmen are investors in these illegal activities. Political leaders actively support and protect gang leaders and major criminals. Illegal fighting dogs and cockerels are openly, if illegally, imported into and exported out of Anguilla. Foreign girls destined for the sex industry are brought in and out of the island shielded by corrupt immigration officials. The police know about these activities, but turn their eyes aside. They brazenly claim they do not have a report of such criminal activity.

As with our neighbours, we have to invest in crime prevention. We have to use alternative approaches such as integrated citizen security programmes. That means effective neighbourhood watches. We have to learn how to improve crime prevention through environmental design. That means installing burglar bars and alarms. We need a public health approach that focuses on risk factors for violent behaviours. That means facing up to and dealing with juvenile delinquency by education and anger management courses conducted by trained professionals.

Is there anyone out there developing management information systems for the improvement of our criminal justice system? Is there anyone tracking the performance of the justice system? Who is monitoring any reform programme? Who in government is working to ensure increased accountability of the police and the justice system to our citizens? Secret reports to the Governor do not count.


  1. Mr Gumbs says it is stiffling, in his letter. I agree, but I said earlier the departments that politicians play around with, Immigration and Labour, are in a mess. The managers should go home, lame ducks and useless, all about a show. They all lack capability. Look at them, all the managers should go home. Immigration needs help. They cannot manage the departments, they are in shambles. How do they feel while thier Department is run to the ground? Everything you hear about this department is nasty involving all kinds of corruption as officers indulge in their practices all the time.

  2. It would be helpful if the writer could do more than state generalizations and platitudes. There are hundreds of "Mr. Gumbs" in Anguilla. Who is he talking about? What are these managers doing that should cause them to go home? When did they do it? Where? To whom? What are their names?

    Writer, save this junk for anguillatalk.com and The LIght. This is a serious forum, not a school yard. Calling people names isn't intelligent discourse.

  3. I agree that people should not make generalizations about anything. However, I do not agree that managers should be sent home for persons’ wrong doing unless they are involved. But when ever things happen within any department people tend to look at the managerial aspect, and this determines what is happening in regards to managing.

  4. On page 2 of today's "Anguillian" there's a long story about the "sick criminal" who is thought to be responsible for many of the violent robberies recently. The police confirm that they have a description of the suspect. Why do they continue to fail to tell us his age, race, height, weight, etc? How does the public benefit from all this stupid secrecy?

  5. If I have information you don't have, I have power over you. This is common among children in school yards. When it is done by the police, who continually lecture us about some imagined partnership between them and us, it is more than annoying.

  6. Anguillians need to wake up and realise that we are responsible for our own destiny.If we continue plsying the family game,the country on a whole will suffer and is evident by the recent crime spikes.We should take responsility for the direction that our once tranquil island is heading.I know that there are many honorable and respectible people in our country who are willing to work together to correct this alarming trend.It is the duty of Gov't,Law enforcement and we as concern citizens to make this happen.Everybody wants outside help to do the task, of cleaning up this country ,but I say we should have pride and decency to do it ourselves and not cling to old customs and family ties.Police should begin informing the public,stop being on a buddy-buddy basis with criminals and work to actively reduce our rising crime rate.One should know that Police should never associate with known criminals even if they are "family'.Heck ,all Anguilla are family,however we have to forget that fact when dealing with the criminal element.If someone want to be called family of a law enforcement officer then he or she should carry themselves with respect and dignity.Police are there to enforce the laws of the land irrespective of family ties.If they cant do that then they need to resign from the proffession.Accountibility is indeed needed in both the Police Dep't and in Gov't. and there have to be people who are willing to stand up and enforce,investigate and punish those who violate the rules or S.O.P's.


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