25 May, 2010


The first synthetic life created by man. Dr Craig Venter and his team became famous in 2001 when they first sequenced the human genome.  Now they have synthesized DNA and created the first synthetic life form.

We need to wait for a while to see if it shows the usual signs of life: metabolism, growth and reproduction.  Then we shall have the first deliberately man-made new species created out of nothing.

I knew it would be done one day, but I never thought I would be alive to see man create life out of a test tube.


  1. The Vatican is going to have a collective aneurysm over this! Ha! - Scotty

  2. Got to wonder if the Vatican will say God puts souls into the more advanced artificial life forms. :-)

  3. What if we only get 2 out of three (metabolism, growth and reproduction)? Say we get metabolism and reproduction but no growth?

    Oh wait, we have that already: politicians.


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